At The Coffee Shop

This has been a crazy winter. One week it's bitter cold. The next it's like spring. And it's the spring-like weather I am appreciating the most. And here's why.

We had a stretch of wonderful weather- sunny and 60's. I went into a coffee shop I frequent grabbed a cup of coffee, grabbed a seat and started reading my book. But a lovely brunette across the way got my attention. She walked in wearing a fairly short skirt and flip flops. She settled in at a table across the way from me with her computer and java and was soon busy working.

She lost the flip flops and tucked one leg under her as she busily typed away. I began reading my book but would look up every so often. Each time I looked up it appeared that short skirt was getting shorter and shorter. I though it was my imagination until a friend joined her. The brunette turned sideways in her seat as she talked with her friend and I could clearly see her perfectly round ***. Nothing but skin from her hip to her bare foot. I enjoyed that, but I got to thinking she was probably wearing a thong.

But her friend soon left and the brunette turned back to her computer. The brunette scooted up to the edge of her seat and tucked her painted toes behind the front legs of her chair. There was no mistaking what I saw. I could see her perfectly shaved ***** between her legs. I nearly dropped my book. The brunette never looked up from her computer and kept typing away. I got up to order another cup of coffee, leaving my book in my chair so I could keep my seat. I returned and pretended to read my book. But my gaze was fixed on the brunette.

After a while the coffee shop started filling up. She kept changing positions, But I could still get a glimpse of her ***** when she would scoot back up to the front of her chair and tuck her toes again behind its legs. When I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. A group of people arrived looking for a table. The brunette offered hers, slipped into her flip flops and settled into a chair across from me.

She asked if anyone was using small table near us. I said no and she slid it in front of her chair which was about ten feet away. She turned it into a little desk puttiing her laptop and coffee on it. Soon she was back to work typing feverishly. It didn't take long for her to grow tired of leaning over the table to type. She picked it up and put it in her lap. She kicked off her flip flops and stretched her legs out putting her bare feet on the table. In positioning the computer on her lap, it pulled her skirt up a little so I could barely see what I had gotten a full view of before.

She got a phone call and said to the person on the other end that she didn't mind last minute projects but this one was pushing it. As she talked, the brunette rested her laptop on one leg. It was a very annimated conversation. As she was talking, she pulled her feet together to where her soles were touching. That in turn spread her legs apart giving me a much clearer look at her *****. Wow! Not only could I see her slit, but I could see that it was partially open. Now it was really hard not to stare. She kept that position until her conversation was over. She then propped her feet on the edge of the table, knees bent, and moved the laptop back on to her lap. It bunched up her skirt and I could still see her fabulous *****. I really couldn't stay without it being obvious that I had stopped reading my book.
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5 Responses Feb 12, 2013

You should have thanked her on your way out, to see what her reaction was.


Some guys have all the luck.

Lucky you! Too bad you couldn't get some pics with your phone.

I understand. Do you think she knew she was exposing herself to you? Going out without panties seems to indicate she was up for some flash.

I can see that (pun intended). When I wear shorts commando, I am doing it for comfort; but I also realize there could be some accidental exposure, too. And it has happened many times. Not sure how many folks have noticed, though.

Wow, I need to visit your coffee shop, I always fantasize about an encounter like this but nothing ever comes close!