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Posted by scotthunter42
on June 11th, 2013 at 7:35 AM

Now that it is summer my sister -in-law came to spend a coupld of days with us to swim in the pool and hang out. I came in from the pool to change I saw my sister-in-law headed to the house, everyone else was still outside. I left my bedroom door cracked so she could see in when she passed. I wanted her to see me nude when she passed, but make it appear to be an accident. I stood in front of the mirror naked so I could see the door. When she got to where she could see in my room she stop and stared at my naked body. I figured she would be imbarrased and keep going, but she didn't she stopped. Then moved closer to the door for a better look. My heart was racing as she approched the door, I was wanting her to come in, but she just stood at the door looking. As I turned towards her she walked away, but made sure I saw her first. She has not said anything about it, I'm thinking of making a move to see where it will go.
scotthunter42 scotthunter42
46-50, M
Jun 11, 2013