Caught In The Rain

My wife and I recently visited her sister and husband in Florida. The two women went to dinner one evening and on the way home, the bottom fell out. It just started pouring and by the time that they burst into the kitchen, they were both dripping wet. Her sister ran to get towels while my wife, standing in the kitchen, peeled out of her drenched dress. My brother-in-law and I jumped up to see what all the commotion was about and so there we were, staring at his wife, very loosely wrapped in a towel, the side opening to above her bare hips, and my wife, drying her hair and wearing no more than a black ribbon choker, thin-strapped, black leather sandals, a sheer black bra and matching panties, practically painted on and beautifully translucent from being soaked.


We all tried to act like “professional” and help how we could during the crisis and no one mentioned the obvious, but the sight of the beautiful doused sisters was an unforgettable and powerful image. And the brother-in-law, who has always admired my wife, finally got to see her (just almost) in the nude.

RMutt RMutt
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5 Responses Dec 28, 2009

Nice, very nice, accidental nudity story.

She is and I just recently saw her in just panties. I should write about that.

is her sister as hot as your wife.

I really did. It was a bit of a shock, too.

So you had a gr8 time looking at each others wives.