Friend's mom naked

I was 15 and I was spending the night at my friend's house. My friend's mom would get up early and jog and then shower in the basement as not to wake up my friend's dad. I had gotten up early, before my friend, and was in the kitchen. She walked up from the basement wearing a towel. She was walking through the kitchen, when she saw me and was startled. She jumped a little and her towel fell off giving me a full frontal. She quickly picked it up and held it in front of her. She then quickly walked down the hallway to the bedroom, exposing her lovely hot naked butt the whole way. My friend never found out and things were very awkward whenever I saw his mom.

EDIT:The major turn on was to see how embarrassed she was. Of course, seeing a hot naked lady is ALWAYS fun, expecially for a teenage boy. But I reckon this episode as the moment I star like ENF, of course I never heard about it until a couple of years later.

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Awesome, i think she let you see the butt.

She had a trimmed *****, you know? Just a thin line of hair

was her ***** shaved?

I don't know, but I don't think so. She seemed pretty embarrassed to me, even during some time after it occured. I believe she showed her butt as a mistake out of dispair, she really tried to get out of my sight the faster she could.

So you haD good time watching her butt. I think that she may have wanted u to see both side of her ie front and back. U saw her breast & ***** when her towel fell down so she may have thought that u should also see her butt.

I kinda glad she wasn't lol