The Maid Changed Days

My cleaning woman comes on Mondays and Thursdays to do her work.     Since this was Wednesday I  came home and took a shower like normal.   After I was done, I dried off, tossed the towel into the hamper and walked to my room to get dressed.  I was shocked to be greeted by my housecleaner!  She was in my room making the bed.  I jumped!   I was completely naked as I thought she woldn't be here until tomorrow.  I went back into the hallway.  I said sorry and she said it was ok.   She said that she told me that she had to switch days.   I then remembered that she did tell me this.    I said I had to come in to get my clothes.  I walked in and gathered my stuff and walked out.

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Has anything become of this? is she hot? describe her.

If she watches you taking your self in hand . Surely she is wanting to help you out..<br />
Do you ask her if she likes what she sees

What does she look like how old is she?

She is a dirty blond Peruvian girl. 23

She still comes three times a week, and not every time, sees me naked. Its gotten to the point now where I don't even bother dressing the whole time she is here. Its gotten to the point where she sees me ********** and it doesn' t bother her. We chat during it, and she hands me tissues when I am done.

This is potentially an interesting, ever developing, story! Can't wait for the next chapter. Tell us more about the house maid. Would you like it to go any further?

This happened again this week. Right after showering I walked from the bathroom to my kitchen naked thinking I was alone. I put up the coffee pot and walked out to go to my room when I saw her comming into the living room. She said hello and acted like nothing was different. I said I thought I was along and she said its ok. We talked for a few minutes with me standing there naked as can be. I started to get hard and she definatly noticed. This time I wasn't in a hurry to get dressed. So I just walked about for a while. By now I was hard as I can get. My cleaning woman kept checking me out. After a while I told her I was going to my room to take care of this. She said ok and I jerked off in my room.