Finally Got Around To It

I should have joined this group earlier but until today I hadn't had a good story to share for awhile so I never got around to joining. Today though I was home from work sick and was able to put into play an idea I've been kicking around for a while. Garbage pickup is today so it was the perfect time for a test of my idea. I live in a two story house at the end of a circle with big floor to ceiling windows on the front. The curtains cover almost the total window except at the top where there is a half circle window pane. The stair case is across from the window and I know you can see in to the steps from the road if you were really looking. The staircase comes halfway down then switched back and comes down the rest of the way.

So now that I set the stage I have been considering showing off for some time and the garbage truck would be a perfect opportunity. I waited naked upstairs until I heard the truck picking up the trash to our neighbors house. Once the truck started moving I started down the steps nude and completely unaware until I came past the platform. Then  froze and stared out the window a moment before dashing back to the platform. The wall there is probably deep enough to hide but I held to the edge and let my breasts stick out. I waited a couple of moments and didn't hear the truck doing any of its pickup routine. So I waited for about two minutes and peeked out letting my boobs hang further out into the space. The truck was lined up with the windows from the stret so I'm sure they got a look. I pulled back into 'hiding' and waited again. At a total of five minutes I was completely hot and wet but getting a bit worried as well wondering what exactly was going on. I'm not really sure what I would've done if someone had come to the door but they finally picked up our trash and moved on. I moved right to the bedroom and got out my toys to finish my business. Then I came on here to record my experience ;) Wait is that the UPS truck heading down the street? Gotta run!

Note the follow up can be found here:
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Have you had any more experiences since this one?

did you follow the link at the bottom?

Very thrilling for all involved

Hot times for sure! Great story! Thanks for sharing it.

ANd what a dreammy 48DD sight they must have had... materiel for many wet dreams and nasty wanks... lol<br />
<br />
kiss<br />

I got a great idea. I will come to your door and ask for directions and you can walk around your house naked as I watch before I knock on your door.

How very bold. Hope I get around to that one of these days.

Cool Story... I agree with NudyDude too! Even if you just wore a robe with the front open... and casually let your breast sway freely as you walked towards them boldly with a smile!