I told my wife last night about a friend of mine who had brought some work over to the shop and got there before me. When i got there my wife was over by the pasture with him showing him our new baby mare horse. Just as i got over close my friend adjusted himself and i looked to see that you could see down her blouse completely and she never wears a bra at home. My friend looked at me like he thought i might be upset so i just winked and smiled at him and he knew i was not upset. That evening i went to his business to have him come get his equipment he had left for repair and found him in his office. I went in and sat down, he looked at me with a smile on his face and ask me if i minded if he said something about my wife, i said not as long as it was nice. He said, your wife has a very beautiful pair of breasts and i said thank you, he said may i ask you a question? He ask does your wife shave, i laughed and ask, what part are you talking about, he said, down below, i said yes why? He said dont get mad but when she squatted down, the legs on her shorts are very loose and i could see lines that looked like a smooth camel toe. I laughed and said yes it has a landing ***** above but all other is smooth, he said, i could tell. He told me it was a nice trip to come to our place and get such a pleasure in the middle of a rough hot day so i told him dont be a stranger!
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The best type of accident!

It was great, i think the fact that i caught him adjusting himself and knowing i did not mind gave him the oppertunity! By the way, i put up some new pictures!

gonna have look right now thanks ;-)

Dang bro, that's a great story.
I know friends have seen Angie in similar situations, but none have ever commented like that.
Expressions say a lot, but woulda been nice to hear a comment or too.

Isnt it exciting to know he saw your wife almost bare?

Extremely, and he is the last one i ever thought would say anything, i am glad he got a beautiful view, did me good too!

Did you ever tell her what he saw?

Yes last night when we were in bed and having foreplay, she supprised me how well she took it and seemed to get much wetter!

she knows another man has seen her nearly naked, and likes what he saw. I wonder what she will wear when he comes over again...

I hope much less!

She could wear the same thing, its easy to see everything she has if she moves the right way!

So true, just hope she doesnt get bashful!

Maybe you should take her shopping for some new, 'casual clothes' to wear when your friend comes over...

Funny you say that, i did yesterday!

Love that! All denial and not willing to cause her exposure, but she loves it when it happens. My wife is the same way; cannot get her to do anything, but she enjoys it when there are "accidental" exposures...

Thank god for lucky accidents!

Some times it seems like she causes them, or does not take any action which would prevent them. So it seems like she really enjoys those "accidents" just cannot admit that she does... and cannot actively cause them, like flashing...

We will have to set up more 'accidents"!

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