Free Show At Starbucks

Sitting in Starbucks one slow Thursday morning not paying particular attention to anything when I noticed a very sexy blond sitting across the room. She was dressed in an almost transparent white top giving me a good view of the bra underneath, very short skirt and white stockings. I’m fairly sure she was chatting with someone on the computer her attention was fixed on the screen as she typed. Enjoying my view so much that had not realized that I had begun staring intently at her sexy legs crossed beneath table. Intriguing enough that involuntarily had captured my total attention and was completely oblivious to the fact that she had noticed me staring. Until my eyes wandered up her small frame and noticed that she was glancing over the top of her computer screen at me. She would look up look back down and type and then looked up again. My mind quickly said that she must be chatting and telling someone about the fact that I was watching her.
Feeling embarrassed I looked away but only for short time as I found myself looking back again almost as if I had no control. This time my gaze was met with a brief smile before she looked back down and typed something. Hearing a sound coming from her computer as she received a reply to her message, I could tell immediately she was slightly surprised as she read the response. Then a smile came across her face as she typed a very short reply then looked directly at me still smiling her face clearly becoming flushed with a distinct red glow. Holding a hand to her neck to be sure that I could see with a finger she pointed downward. My eyes immediately traveled down her enticing body until they became fixated once again on her sexy crossed legs beneath the table.
I remember thinking I should look away but was unable to do that. Specially with what happened next, enjoying the fact that I had been invited to look when with delightful surprise as she uncrossed her legs very intentionally. She moved in a way to give me a side view as a hand came into view discreetly sliding her skirt up her leg showing me her that her stockings were thigh highs. Apparently now content that I have seen she moved back to her original position but her legs slightly wider spread than before. Looking back to your face noticeably more red and a very big smile telling me you are enjoying your playful game. My first assumption is the game is over unaware that it had just begun.
Again I hear the sound of your computer as a message arrives, realizing at that moment someone is directing your actions. Reading your message at first you stop smiling only for a few seconds then it returns but so does the red in your cheeks as they become flush again. Again you signal me with a finger to look back down to your legs my eyes immediately move to where they are told to be. Once again fixated on your legs both surprised and delighted as they start opening wider for a better view. Bright yellow patch of cloth becomes visible as your panties are now fully exposed. Thinking to myself this is probably the end of the show, what else would you possibly do next?
My answer comes as once again the sound of a message coming in is heard. Seconds after a hand becomes visible between your legs and begin stroking naked flesh above your stocking. Looking up briefly seen a smile coming crossed your face looking directly at me a nod directing my attention back down. Once again attention is fixated again between your legs as your fingers stroke lightly traveling closer to your panties. Hips moved to the edge of the chair another message chimes in seconds later your fingers press against your panties. Rubbing briefly and move away revealing an undeniable dark damp spot as your panties soaked in your juice. Hearing the next message coming in than a finger again presses against your panties pushing them between your outer lips and moving way to let me see what you done. Clearly you are enjoying made obvious how wet you had become. The chimes heard again at first nothing changes but then you sit back up, my eyes quickly move back up to your face. Staring at your screen as if thinking what to say you type something and send it. Quickly a message returns a quick reply from you and a few seconds later you stand up. Walking across the room to pass within a few feet of me as you go by the finger that pushed your panties in makes its way inside your mouth surely tasting your own juice. Passing on by me you say nothing but smile and head on to the restroom. Finding occupied first response is to start your way back to your chair but you turn back and wait. Watching you intently wondering what the person on the other end of your conversation had told you do. Restroom door opens a woman walks out and you walk in, no more than 10 seconds go by and you are back out.
Passing by me this time on your way back to your chair close enough to allow your hand to brush my shoulder as you go by. Setting back in your chair first thing I notice your legs are crossed again. Now looking back to your face very red one hand tightly clenched on the table and you type with the other. You hit send quickly a reply returns turning you even more red as you hit a couple of keys and send message. Your clinched hand opens at first I am not sure what I’m seeing than I realize it is your yellow panties you are showing me. My eyes move down to your legs as they uncrossed your hips move back to the edge of the seat as your legs begin slowly opening. Every inch wider revealing more of you, thighs slowly separating the hand comes into view again slipping between your legs.
Legs spread a little wider now letting me see all the way up where the panties were this time exposing flesh. As if on cue the sun came from behind a cloud and shined through the window directly on you brightly illuminating giving a very clear view. Unmistakably glistening wet shaven ***** in full view completely illuminated by the sun, I look up at your face and see that your eyes are closed. Looking back down your fingers sliding closer thinking to myself as I watch wondering how far you will go. My question answered as your fingers touched the outer lips and slipped between. As they parted and reveal just exactly how wet you had become as a finger slips easily inside. I remember thinking my god she is really doing this, right here in the Starbucks.
I am unable to look away as a second finger slides deep inside. She brings them back out and raise them up my eyes follow as they reach her mouth licking them clean. Then I go back down and back inside of her again. This time sliding deep in and out slow at first then picking up speed. Clearly her ****** was near her fluid visibly coming from within her so much that it actually dripped on the floor. Looked up at her face I still closed biting her lip to help keep her quiet them back down to the fingers playing inside her. All the sudden very obvious to anyone who would watch her ****** began legs shaking unable to control them closing and opening as fingers work in and out. Noticeably holding her breath to stay quiet as possible. Legs closed tight than opened again revealing fluid flowing from her as her seat now visibly wet and running down the front. Clearly not able to take any more fingers come out and head straight for her mouth and clean them off. Eyes are shut doing your best catch her breath.
Your composure returning opening your eyes and looking at me with a big smile on your face. Then you look down at the mass you had created on your seat, you grab a few napkins in the table and clean as best you can. After striking your skirt your legs go crossed and look back up at me still smiling brightly. All the sudden your smile disappears and a look of embarrassment comes across your face. I looked my left and I see a young boy no older than 12 setting with his mother the look on his face priceless. Obviously awestruck from the performance he had witnessed. Looking back at you seeing that you are totally embarrassed and for a few seconds you stare then a big smile shows up on your face. The boy smiles back as if saying thank you for the show. Your attention switches back to me still smiling as you closure laptop stand up and leave. What a wonderful way to cheer up the Thursday.
The end.
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Wow and I was proud of the panty I saw today lol<br />
<br />
Well all experiences are enjoyable... but thois one surpases many... thanks mate