One Of My Favorite Memories

When I was in my senior school year we had assembly every Friday morning in the school's courtyard. The principal would stand on the over bridge between two class blocks to address the school. He would normally be accompanied by some of the school prefects. One morning I was right in front of the pack and had to literally look straight up. I couldn't see him because he was out of sight, what I did see was much better than the boring old principal anyway.

One of the female prefects was standing right at the gap between the railing panels and oblivious to the fact that we could see right up her school uniform. We had a clear view of her beautiful legs all the way up to the pink panty she was wearing. It was a cotton panty and her her cameltoe was clearly visible.

The school uniform basically consisted of a one piece frock which buttoned up the front and no belt was worn with it. If she moved the right way we could see all the way up to her pink bra she was wearing.

Since she was also one of the school hotties we really enjoyed the show since we were the "bad" crowd in school and never had a chance with the likes of her. I don't think any of the guys standing there heard a single announcement made that day.
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lol 2 bad u dint have cam phones yet!

Good memories of younger days.

Yep, hard to concentrate!