My Boss's PA...

I used to work part-time pumping gas when I was a teenager, and one night I walked into the office at the gas-station where I worked, and the boss's PA was sitting at the desk, and as we chatted she spun around on the swivel-chair to face me, and as she did so, she spread her knees and in so doing giving me a great view from her knees to her navel.  She had on white panties, which were tightly stretched over her bulging crotch, and when she saw me staring, she apologized, and I mumbled something about no apology needed, as I had sisters and was used to seeing such sights.   I think she must have been turned on by flashing at me, for I started to get hard, and I think she might have noticed.

(See my other gas-station story for sequel.  I'll try and find the link and add it...)

...found it here:  EP Link
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

do you have some pics?

Great to hear about those sharing ladies..

I would thanked her profusely for brightening my day!! Thanks for sharing.