Caught Naked By My Aunt

Well, the story is simple. I was alone in my house and I decided to take a shower before I leave for my work. When I was in the bathroom my mother returned to the house with my aunt, who had informed us before that she was planning to visit us.

Unfortunately, the first thing my aunt wanted to do was to use the toilet and as she didn't know I was there she came in without knocking the door. Of course she got shocked when she saw me in and she left saying "sorry" to me and my mother.

When I finished my shower, my aunt (a good looking widow, despite her age - 63 at the time) apologized for the accident and assured me that she didn't see anything. Although I am quite sure that she saw everything, as the door is very close to the bathtub and I was uncovered (if she saw, she must have seen my **** too!), I acted like nothing happened and the story ended.

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try talking to her may she started fantasising u u can get a hot **** she is widow waiting some to fill her

I wouldn't call this being caught naked. You were taking a bath in your own bath tub a time aand place most people would expect you to be naked when your aunt accidently walked in without knocking. You were naked where you were supposed to be and she walked in on you. you had nothing to be embarassed about. <br />
I have not been in that situation but I am sure that any of my aunts or most of my adult family would do the same as your aunt and apologize and leave. If they did or not would be their problem however since I would have no ob<x>jection to them seeing me naked especially in places such as the bathtub or shower where I would be expected to be naked and would feel no reason to cover up or hide. Elsewhere in the house I respect other peoples wishes and remain clothed. though given my choice I would be naked all the time. In the bathroom or my bedroom Ican be naked if I wish to and anybody who comes in it is their problem and their choice to leave or not

Do you think she enjoyed it ?