Lost His Trunks

I love accidently seeing someone naked especially a girl, but suprisingly this story is about a boy. That doesn't happen often, lol as most of my EP friends know!

I was at a cabin that my family & I rent every year. The same family always rents the cabin beside us. This year I was anywhere from 11-13. The family beside us was a Mom, Dad & 2 boys. I have known the boys for as long as I could remember. We never played together or talked much but, we knew them. The one boy was 2 years older than me (we'll call him Tim) while the other boy was a year younger (Let's call him Jimmy). I was sitting on the dock with my feet in the water, the water was too cold for me to go in. It was late afternoon, but there was a cool breeze. I heard the two boys running onto the dock then jumping off. I was too shy to go over & ask to swim with them.. but, I was bored. So, I sat there & contiuned to watch them. They had a blow up slide that you put in the water, you anchored it down & it would float. The two boys were going up & down it, having a great time. Jimmy was wearing a life jacket because he couldn't swim that well.

Tim went up the slide ladder & Jimmy went up after him. Jimmy must have been bothering his brother or something because Tim turned around to yell at him when all of a sudden Jimmy pushed him. Tim fell down the slide & on the way down he lost his swim trunks. They went down the slide with him & must have gone into the water. He couldn't find them anywhere. Jimmy was laughing hysterically at his brother. Their Mom called out it was time for them to come in, Tim asked his brother to get him his towel, but he said no & laughed & walked into the cabin. The mom opened the window again & yelled at him to get in here now. He tried to yell out but was obviously too embarrassed because of the amount of people walking around on the beach & BBQ their dinners. He stayed in the water for another 3 minutes... until he finally mustered up the courage & walked out of the water. He must have known his mother was going to get upset with him if he was any longer. He had his hands covering his private & it seemed like all was going fine, I could see his butt though & so could everyone else on the beach. It was going okay for him until he tripped, he didn't fall but he lost his balance, it was still light outside & when he moved his hand to catch himself, I saw everything. He was older than I was (13-15) & I'd never seen one that big before. He covered himself up & ran the rest of the way up to his cabin.
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I would've loved to have seen it.

Good for you. I am sure it was lots of fun.

I know I would have enjoyed you watch me run naked.

Bare Hugs


I did enjoy this moment, very much!! Thank-you for reading.

you know me. I love being on both sides of the story. lol

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I did, it was interesting that's for sure. Haha :)

That is great.

Nice being on the other side of the accidentally naked stories.

glad you enjoyed the view.

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