It Started By Accident

This happened about 30 years ago during the summer before my senior year in high school. I grew up in a small farming community. My parents lived in the town and my grandparents owned a farm right outside of town. Every 4th of July, they would host a picnic that was open to whoever wanted to come. Seems like most everybody who lived around would make it at some point through the day.

I was helping out with activities for the younger kids, so I got together a kickball game. Things were going well and the kids were having a good time, when one of the kids kicked the ball over a fence row. Brush and trees had grown up along the fence, so I found a fairly clear spot and climbed over the fence to get the ball. When I jumped down, I surprised a couple of skunks. Before I could get back over the fence, they had sprayed me from head to toe. I had yelled "skunk!", so the kids had gone running back to the house.

I reeked so bad the smell was making me sick, so I was planning to go back to the house to shower and borrow some of my grandfather's clothes. Before I could get to the door my grandmother was coming out. There was no way she was going to let me come inside smelling like I did. She said she had been through this before with my grandfather and the only way to deal with it was to get some tomato juice and use the hose outside. The only faucet they had was there at the back of the house. We went over to the faucet, and she sent my sister out to the barn to get a metal wash tub while she gathered up some tomato juice.

"While we're doing that, you need to take off your shirt and shorts before it soaks into your skin any more than it already has". I had always been a little shy about taking off my clothes, to the point that I felt awkward being on the skins team in gym class, but I smelled so bad I did it. So I'm standing there in my jockey shorts when they come back with the tub and juice. That began to draw some attention, which was making me a little anxious. We put my clothes in the tub and poured in the tomato juice so they could soak. When we were getting ready to start my juice bath, my sister noticed that the skunk spray had soaked through to my underwear. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry but you're going to have to take those off too then". There were probably 150 people there at that point, and I tried to beg my case that I couldn't be naked in front of all those people or that maybe we could go behind something. But there was no where else to go, and no way out of it, so giving in I dropped my shorts and threw them in the tub.

My ears were ringing and my face was burning from the thought of that many people staring at my now naked butt standing there. I couldn't remember the last time someone had seen me that naked besides my younger brother since I was a little kid. At least I was able to cover the important parts with my hands. My sister grabbed the hose and started spraying, and after getting me wet, my grandmother opened a jar of tomato juice and dumped it in my hair. "Ok honey, I'm not touching you, so you gotta start scrubbing". Geez, there went my last hope. So I started scrubbing my hair, and I noticed that a lot of people were looking. I was visibly shaking and I felt like I was going to puke from the sheer embarrassment. My grandmother noticed that, so she stopped the spraying and walked over to me. "Honey I know you're embarrassed but you really shouldn't be. You didn't do this on purpose, and you're not the first person that something like this has happened to. Besides, you got nothing to be ashamed of. Most of the men here would give their eye teeth to be built like you, and the girls sure don't seem to mind what they're seeing, and as your grandmother that kind of makes me proud. This is going to go on for a long time before we get the stench off, so you need to relax a little. If they want to look, it's not going to hurt anything".

So I got ahold of myself and looked around to try to convince myself that it was ok. I guess she was right, no one was freaking out and if they were they didn't have to look. And I guess if they wanted to look, what did it matter. So I relaxed a little bit. It's a good thing that I did because we didn't have much luck getting the smell out. We ran out of tomato juice and had to go to neighbors to get more, and we were still trying when grandpa did his fireworks.

When it was time to go home, Mom and Dad didn't want me to get in their car, so a friend let me ride in the back of his truck. Mom didn't want me in the house either, so she had Dad build a pup tent in the back yard out of clothes line and an old blanket. It didn't really matter at that point because the neighbors had all been there anyway. The one's in the back were on their patio drinking coffee when I got up and waved at me. Mom let me come in the house and go straight to the shower to keep working on the smell.

I guess when people have seen you naked for a long time, they don't care if you're naked anymore and assume you don't either. My brother and I shared a room, and we shared a Jack and Jill bath with my sister. Our bathtub had a glass shower door. I was used to sharing the bathroom with my brother, but my sister never came in when we were using it. A few minutes after I had gotten in the shower, she came right in and started working on her makeup. A few minutes later, Mom came in to see how things were going with the smell and started chatting with my sister. It became the norm that my sister could do her makeup while I was in the shower.

The next weekend, she had a couple of friends spend the weekend. The next morning, I was in the shower and the next thing I know, all three are in the bathroom. No one said anything, I think they just assumed it was ok. The funny thing is, the morning after that it was brother who was in the shower when they came in. I think they thought it was me at first because we kind of look alike, and by the time he pointed out to them that it was not me, I guess they figured they had seen him enough that he wouldn't care anymore either, so they stayed. He was actually kind of freaked out to begin with, but he got used to it because it kept happening. We eventually just gave in and started walking around naked while we were getting ready in the mornings.

That went on long enough that we started wondering just how far we could go before anyone would say anything. One morning we knew that several of mom's friends were coming to do some canning, so we made a plan. I showered, and when I got out I walked into the kitchen naked as we had gotten into the habit of doing. I went to the refrigerator and got a drink and no one said a word. So I hung out and started chatting, and got pulled into helping peel apples. Not long after that, my brother came in and did the same thing, and no one said a word. They even sent us to the storage building in the back to get some jars, and we wound up talking with our neighbor. After that, it kind of took on a life of it's own, and we started pushing boundaries just to see if anyone would ever react. Turned out we could be naked whenever around whoever was in the house and no one seemed to mind.

After all of this, kids being kids, my friends started daring me to do things naked. It stared out as "she wasn't there so I dare you to take off your clothes", which was no big deal for me any more. There were things that I wouldn't do because I didn't want to get arrested, but they found out that the word chicken could get me to take risks and do a lot of stupid things. I'm going to save those stories for another group because they fit better there.
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Great Story! I wish more people would go around nude I love looking at the body!