Just One Of Those Moments

Years ago I was in a school car park one very hot summer sat in the car while my wife poped in to pick something up (or drop something, I forget which). Next to us was an (empty) estate car. A woman, mid 20's and presumably a mum, approached the car from the other side, probably not thinking there would be anyone just sat in a car park she opened the drivers door half climbed up into the car, not as if she was about to drive, but looking for something. She must have seen whatever it was and the reached across to the passenger seat pocket, kneeling on the drivers seat. Her entire cheese cloth blouse, already low cut and flimsy hung down by about a foot, and her braless boobs were fully on display. At this pint she reaslied I was there and looked up. For what seemed like an age she just knelt there, staring at me, agast! Then she looked down, confirming what she must have know...she was giving me a wonderful and uninhibited show! She stayed like that for what seemed an age, maybe wondering on how best to make a dignified exit, as she needed both hands to support herself, before eventually sort of backing out! She looked up and gave me a sort of shy embarrased grin, before disappearing back into the school.
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Nice, did they see you looking as well?