Daughter Saw Me Take A Shower

This is partly accidental but it wasn't really planned. I was getting clothes ready for work the next day when my teenage daughter came into the bedroom and sat herself down in a big comfy chair that faces the master bathroom. The bathroom does have double doors that can be closed off to give privacy but they stay open most of the time. So anyway there I was getting ready for bed and after I finished ironing I announced that I was about to get a shower and told my daughter she needed to have her homework finished. That was my queue for her to leave the room. Instead she simply kept looking at the computer she had picked up from the night stand and was busy reading something online.

I walked into the bathroom and turned the shower water on. Normally I would have just closed the double doors and ignored her. Tonight something clicked. I just remembered a conversation I had overheard between her and her friend. Her friend was talking about trying on jeans with her mom and my daughter said, "Did you see her (Her friend's mom) in her underware?" Her friend replied "O, I see my mom naked all the time. We're family." My daughter commented back that she never saw here mom naked. Well, I'm hardly a mom and have lots of different body parts, but thought "Well, who cares just get in the shower and don't act weird about nudity. My wife is never going to let our daughter experience casual nudity so I guess it's up to me." Maybe it was something in her voice the other day but I got the feeling she was unsure about if seeing a parent naked was odd or not.

The water was on and the doors were still open. My daughter sat right there in the same place and never moved. She just kept focused on the computer. From her position she couldn't see into the actual shower, but she could see the entire master bathroom. I ******** down to my underwear and walked over to the clothes hamper and threw my jeans and shirt in. My daughter looked up and there I was in my underwear. Not only did she not blink, she just carried on like it was nothing unusual and even asked if I had heard a song she was listening to. I finished about 15 seconds of small talk and then just pulled the underwear off and walked over and put them in the dirty clothes hamper. I threw them in and closed the lid. I could see out of the corner of my eye that my daughter looked up and was now looking at me stark naked. I walked to the towel closet which means I had to take 3 steps in her direction and got a towel and washcloth. I was waiting for the cry of "Ewww dad, gross!" but she didn't say a word. She just kept looking at the computer and stealing glances up at my direction. I hopped into the shower and was out of sight. A min later I could see that she had gotten up and was walking out of the room. Don't know if she was stealing glances on her way out but I have no doubt she was if for no other reason than the fact that you can't quit staring at train wrecks. (I'm actually in good shape but who knows what she thought)

I finished the shower, dried off, and put on some pajamas. I walked out into the dining room where she was working on her homework. She didn't say a word about seeing me naked and just asked if I could help her with some of the math questions. In my mind I sighed with relief. I didn't expect a comment about me taking a shower and I wasn't trying to scare her, just trying to let her know that nudity isn't odd and doesn't have to be uncomfortable. I'm not going to walk around the house naked or anything but nudity is normal and I don't think people should freak out about it when it happens in expected places like taking a shower for instance. She seemed her normal usual self this morning. I'll be amused if she hangs out in my bedroom again in the evening any time soon but perhaps it didn't shock her at all. Who knows but I can't ask her about it or mention it or it defeats the whole purpose which is that nudity is a non-event that happens every day.

I'm sure some will judge me but it wasn't planned or thought out. It just happened that way and personally it's not really that big of a deal. Please don't confuse this with sexual activity if you're going to make comments. This was nothing to do with that.
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I am 49 years old and have daughters 22,22, & 19. I am actually nude often in my room and walk to the shower that way. They have seen me nude several times in the hallway and in the shower. In fact, they often come in the bathroom and talk with me while I am in the shower, and can see right through the glass. They have never been embarrassed or said anything other than, "Wow dad didn't know that you shaved down there". It's just natural for them. Just part of nature!

She tried getting glimpses of you, so she was not turned off at all. In fact, she probably wanted to join you in the shower (and secretly, maybe you wanted her too?), but she was afraid of what you would do if she tried too. You were teasing her. She probably went back to her room and played with herself, closing her eyes and picturing her handsome daddy naked.

We make more of nudity between sexes more than what it is. There is nothing wrong in casual nudity. Both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have seen me nude on occasion and neither had any problem with it.

I can promise you that your "different body parts" aren't anything that she hasn't already seen on google.

REFERESHINGLY CANDID! I've been showering w/ my daughters since they were 4 & 6. Nothing sexual EVER! comes up, it's just how we live our lives. They are both teenagers now & we had the big "SEX" talk. No topic is taboo & they feel completely safe in asking & telling me there sex questions & problems. COMMUNICATION! That's the key to a Great family!

That's either made up, or very wrong.

You are the Mom, right? I don't know about daddy showering with his teen daughters.

I love this post!

Nothing wrong with simple non-sexual nudity around the house.

About two weeks ago I came out of the shower and I was talking to my wife.i was naked and just enjoyed talking to my wife, when my daughter came in and wanted something so I carried on talking to my wife thought no more about it for it was only after I though she had seen me totally naked for about ten minutes.o well no more hiding.

and you have been set free! more!

Lucky daughter.


She is young and foolish ... but you are a grown up moron. Did you forget your younger days and how your first experience was? Do you want her to have the picture of old nude shameless man and her be haunted for the rest of life. At least wait till she is of legal age and in a position to decide what is right for her. Then what happens is completely valid. But young kid like her, you should not be doing this.

And you are one of the people who support making nudity sexual..

yea I handled it mutch the same way.the only thing is when I undressed I got hard.I would have liked it mutch better if I could have stayed soft .she was a teen at that time and I was not comfortable having a ***** in front of her,but i guess no big deal im just over 7 inches long hard

can my dau come over for a sleepover!

Sort of had a similiar situation. I was naked in my bedroom when she came in. She only had a thong on & she was asking if I could braid her hair. Uncomfortable is an understatement. I got a MASSIVE! had on! I tried to hide it, but she saw. After that we had a \"Different\" reationship.

I don't see this is a big deal. My daughter is now 17 and my huband (her stepfather) and I have never made an issue of nudity in the home. We have treated it as completely natural. If either my husband or I is showering, my daughter is not embarrassed or shocked to come into the bathroom and we share the jacuzzi naked. A while ago my husband had an erection when she went past the shower, and she did comment to me that 'Dad had a real *****' but without any embarrassment. It seems to me that with our relax attitude, she does not have any hangups.

Great story, I'm like you. I'm in my 60's, stepdaughter, 13 and sleeps in our room when alone. I am not hiding when she's there but don't openly get naked either.. If my fiance didn't mind I'd be naked at night around the house. No big deal, She doesn't have to be naked if she doesn't want. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to be seen in the nude, Let's all take a shower together....it might be fun. No sex involved, just comfort.

That's weird to see your dads ****....that's not suppose to happen in any case so that's gross. Give her a **** sight and let her look at other people..jeez

My son, now 39, used to take bahs with me.I always took the font position, for obvious reasons with him behind me. He gave one hell of a back scratching. His mom, my wife at the time, never said a word about it. This continued until he was about 5.

@kmh1 - Ha ha. I saw my dad naked numerous times and it wasn't a big deal even when he got really out of shape later in life. It wasn't that bad honestly. Not creepy at least. Just dad naked. Most of the time he just wore some white Fruit Of The Loom around the house. Didn't leave much to the imagination even when he had those on. Occasionally he would get a drink of water at night without getting dressed. I was always impressed and hoped I turned out like him down there. Funny what you think when you're a kid.

NOTHING better than being naked nude unclad I do it whenever and wherever I can.

I get where you're coming from, but if I saw MY dad naked- *shudders*<br />
then again, I'm not one to judge... But still!!

She's nearly 15. I was talking to her yesterday about one of her friends annoying her and I said she needs to tell them they're irritating her. You can't expect people to change if they don't know it's bothering you. Then I said "For instance when I took a shower the other night and didn't close the doors. Did it bother you that you could see me naked taking a shower? I don't want to embarrass or make you uncomfortable. You'd have to tell me if that irritated or grossed you out. " She said that it didn't matter to her and she didn't care if I was naked in front of her and that she wasn't embarrassed seeing me naked at all. I pretty much guessed that from the way she acted but seized the opportunity to ask her at that moment. Last thing I wanted to do was add a stress point in her life but I see all is well.<br />
<br />
On a related note. No one was home but me last night but me and I ******** down and walked around the house naked for several hours. Made coffee, watched some television and just hung out. (Ha ha) It was sort of liberating.

c an't see the big deal she knew what you were doing so did you nothing wrong happened enjoy and carry on doing it

Nudity is natural and beautiful.