Girlfriend's Sister Naked

I was just reading another story and laughing about how once you see someone naked it sort of becomes normal. Brought an old story back to mind. My high-school girlfriend had a really cute sister that was a year and a half younger than her. She was sweet, cute , and easy to get along with. My girlfriend and I were having regular sex and her sister knew (they shared everything) and never ratted on us so that made her even extra like able to me. She was a fun distraction if I was waiting on my girlfriend when I went over. I teased her like a little sister and got along with her very well.

One evening I stopped by and picked up my girlfriend. Don't remember where we were headed off to but she forgot something and I had to turn around about a mile down the road and go back to her house. We walked back into the house and in the middle of the living room stood her sister. She was watching television and was only wearing a pair of panties. You can imagine her surprise when we walked back in. She shrieked and ran down the hall. We just laughed, my girlfriend grabbed her purse or whatever she was missing and we left. When we came back home later her sister was in the living room again but this time she was wearing a robe. My girlfriend went into the other room and I was just standing there with her sister. She blushed when she looked at me obviously embarrassed that I saw her mostly undressed earlier. She asked if I saw her earlier. She wasn't sure since she bolted soon as she realized we came back. I told her that I did and she said "No, you didn't really?" Then I told her "You just had on a pair of blue boy-short panties". Of course she blushed even more. Then I told her "Don't worry. I thought you looked really pretty and I hardly noticed you were topless cause I love boy-shorts on girls even more than thongs. Nice butt you have there." She just smiled and said thanks. She got up in a few min and started to walk off. As she did she pulled her robe up and revealed that she was in fact just wearing a thong under her robe. She glanced back at me smiling and walked the whole way down the hall without covering up. I of course was mesmerized at the beautiful sight.

After that day she never tried to cover up if she was undressed when I came over. I guess she figured I already saw it all so there was no need to hide anything. I saw her walk out of the bathroom to her room with just a towel on her head more times than I can count. It was really awkward the first time she did that when her mother was home but her mother just laughed. I started to tell her the story of catching her in the living room before but obviously they had already told their mother about it. She said they laughed about it for a week.

Soon the girlfriend's sister just got so that she didn't care and would hide anything and would even change clothes in front of me. My girlfriend remarked once, "You like looking at her **** don't you?" I'll admitted that at first it was exciting but it just seemed normal now. Course I never did stay excited for long. Can't say that my girl ever let me leave her house sexually frustrated.

Eventually it was sort of just like having a cute younger sister. The less her sister cared about being naked in front of me, the less weird it actually was. Sometimes her mother would make her put on a tank-top if I was over but other times she didn't say much about her daughter wearing nothing but panties in front of me. It was actually not that strange to be watching television in the living room with my girlfriend and her mother, and her sister would come in and sit beside us with nothing but panties on. I eventually figured out that she was expected to wear some sort of a shirt with a thong, but panties that covered her butt were considered enough clothing. That's the best I could make out of it. I think they wore even less when I wasn't around. Her dad had died when she was younger and it was just the the three of them living there. I often suspected that their mother, who just wore a robe at night, was waiting for me to leave so she could get comfortable.

We did skinny-dip in their pool some times at night but I don't think their mother knew about that or if she did it was never mentioned. We didn't take our suits off till we got into the water. It always started off as a dare to see who would get naked first. Eventually we would be upping the dare to see who would run around the house naked or something funny like that. Inviting her sister into the group was my idea cause my girlfriend was afraid her mother would catch us in the pool together naked. With her sister there we could skinny dip and have a safety net in case we were caught. Honestly I don't think her mother would mind. She probably kept track of us but she never came out and called us out on it.
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Lucky guy

Luuuucky guy. Great memory. Did she have small perky **** or big ol' melons

good question, my girls sis is sexy and has perky **** bubbly little ***. mmm I need t add stories now

Nice!! Yes more stories!!

What a wonderful experience...

great times ! I didnt have those kind of experiences until i got to college :)

No. Honestly the girlfriend turned out to be too much of a party girl for me. Her sister I never pursued as a girlfriend and can't say I ever did more than kiss on the cheek.