On A Dare

Well this happen to me on new years just after midnight. I step out side to see some fire works that were going off. To much more the two girls form next door and a friend each nude dancing in there back yard they knew i saw them and ran in side. The next day the oldest one ask did you see the 4  of us last
night. Yes I said all 4 of you and weren't you all cold.  A little but we were dancing and that help.It started as a dare for my sister and me but Amy & Tarra got in on it. Did you like what you saw. I poesied not know what to say Well yes i did but I know I should say that. OH please i glad you did you see more this year i promise ( as she tuned and walk back to her house she smiled and walk in to the house.
redbearnm redbearnm
51-55, M
Jan 3, 2011