At The Gym

I wrote about how I like to go to the gym. I go to the gym regularly mostly to use the rowing machine, treadmill and track. As added benefit lately is that there is this guy there that I have been watching. He is older and married and looks wise he is not really my type but the guy has a huge penis and seems to prefer going commando. Although he makes it look accidental I am not sure it is. He is so careful not to walk around much whenever there are other guys around but whenever he is alone with other females he makes sure we can see his huge **** flopping around in in sweats. At least it seems like that is his pattern. Well anyway I have been watching him the last few weeks and I think he has even caught me staring a few times. All I have seen him flopping around under his sweats and I'd love to see more but I think he might be afraid of getting into trouble. I believe he just likes the stares he gets from us girls. Well today I figured out a way to maybe get a better look while allowing him to still play like it was accidental. I noticed guys in the weight area of the gym help spot each other when they are using the bench press. I never use the weights but thought I would give it a try when my guy was around. I played the inexperienced female when I went over to the weight bench and started to try it out. I didn't have much weight on the bars and pretended to have a tough time getting the bar back up. Sure enough he came to my rescue and helped. He gave me instructions and offered to help spot me while I tried again. He stood over my head and helped me as I struggled to go through a few reps. I could clearly see the outline of huge penis through his shorts right above my head. I was hoping to get a peak up his shorts but unfortunately he was wearing shorts that were way too long. He really seemed to be a nice guy helping me out and it was never obvious he was trying to do anything but help me. But how can a guy not wearing underwear he not be aware of his huge penis flopping around inches from a girls head as he "helps" me? You think maybe he doesn't know how obvious it shows? I'll try again tonight after work to see if he can help me again. hehe
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Glad you enjoyed them SD! Thanks for your posting your comments as well! They are always appreciated

Wow you are so sexy - I really enjoy reading your stories.. looking for more...SD

Just honest

you so sweet HStoner! muahhh

But no one as beautiful as you.

EscondidoSecreto - yes i now believe that he knew for sure and that he was wearing what he did on purpose. I've seen quite a few guys that i suspect were trying to show me what they had. The difference with this guy at the gym is that he REALLY had something to show!

he knows for sure... we sexy horny men like you sexy girls... are very aware of our surroundings, especially when an atractive girl is near... I can even recognice a fellow guy in the prowl just by the way we behave simmilarly.... for example yesterday there was this girl sith a short dress in Barnes and Noble, and I was there and another guy Ive seen there having coffe, he is around 40... we circled her, waited until the neighboring table and almost bumped each other trying to get the table... it was so obvious and we look at each other recognizing our intentions, he was there fiorst and I only passed by her side... lol<br />
<br />
We are also very aware when we flash, or when there is bulk showing, we look at the mirror to check out how the bulky bulk looks... like you girls do when trying that small skirt or low blowse... and we love the looks we get form girls even when playing it cool...<br />
<br />
One day after a tough basketball game I put on my warm-ups comando, knowing they were thin fabric, as I walked to the gym I saw my sexy friend and I walked to my girl, she was with one of her friends and my girl later told me that the other girl commented on my package... she said "OMG that looks so good, do you think he would go for a ********* with us two".. (I remember her look and me playing it dumb)... smelling a trap I just smiled, blushed and left it at that... stupid me... lol<br />
<br />
<br />
kiss<br />

There are two more parts to this story "At the Gym part II" and "At the Gym part III" Please leave your comments there!

Im there anytime from the time when I get off work until they close. More people need to go to the gym!

I went to the gym tonight and the guy I have been after was there! Rather than post it here Im posting another story "At the gym round two" Please read it there guys!

I can't wait until the next time he is there with you. I'm sure he will have some reaction. In the mean time you will be so horny in anticpation of having him in you...

I'm sorry to say that he wasn't at the gym tonight :( I was all ready for him again and was so disappointed he wasn't there. Again I was dressed to kill planning to one way or another give him a show he would never forget. I again wore a pair of shorts similar to the ones I wore last night but these were larger around in the legs. I actually set up a couple of chairs at home to mimic a weight bench and practiced in front of a mirror to see how to give him the best show. Lets just say that the shorts were short enough (half inch inseam) and the fit was loose enough around the legs so that if I spread my legs even a little bit he could get a peak of the tattoo I had in a place that nobody but my ex bf has ever seen. hehe If you are interested in knowing more about my tattoo you can read about it in a story I wrote a few nights ago. But sad to say he wasn't there and I had to leave frustrated and horny. hmmm whats a girl to do?

Ill keep you all posted. Looking forward to tonight! I'm wet already thinking about seeing him tonight again.

LOL! ummmmmmm I think I might have to!!

Not sure I even knew I was exercising. The only sweating I did was due to being so close to his huge package. I am still wet thinking about him even though I have *********** twice tonight thinking about how it would feel to be ****** by him. I wonder what he is thinking right now while he is laying next to his wife in his house?

Jmeehan - I think I agree with you. Its not just that he is commando. He is commando with an obscenely large penis. Hard for anybody not to notice if he is walking around so I would think it would be hard for him not to know. Not sure if I could play the accidentally bumping him ploy you suggested. As I just wrote I decided to turn the tables and get him to stare and drool over me instead. I love to be drooled over and especially loved getting a rise out of that massive piece of meat. Wish me luck!

umm thanks so much sunny for the word of encouragement! I really am getting excited about this. I went to the gym this evening and had a great time teasing him! Unfortunately it was crowded again so we didn't get much opportunity to play out our game without interruption. But it was still sooo fun! Although I was first attracted to him because of with his huge **** and desperately wanted him, I decided to up the ante and make him notice ME and want me as much as I wanted him. So after trying on tons of outfits I finally decided on a pair of light blue shorts (with no panties of course) and a white crop top t-shirt to show off my flat abs that men seem to really love. Because my shorts only had about a half inch inseam I had to shave extra close tonight. And even though I am so little I made sure my top was several sizes too small which made it very obvious i was not wearing a bra. I felt so naked and sexy but I still felt comfortable with what I was wearing especially since i was "just" going to a gym to get some exercise. Although I have been so anxious to force things into fast gear I was able to contain myself yet make real progress in getting him to notice me all the while playing the innocent little female needing help on learning to lift weights from a big strong guy. I really played that angle and it worked! I loved the sexual tension that developed between us tonight! I could feel it! I caught him all but drooling as I lay there on the bench before him with my legs spread wide straddling the weight bench. I am so sure he noticed how smooth I was down there! hehe. I love this and can't wait until tomorrow!

Marty, your plan of playing an inexperienced female is just what you should be doing. Keep doing it everyday, you go to the gym, allow him to help you. As the time go by sooner or later the two of you will connect and he would know you are interested and you will know that he knows you are interested. Married or not, he got what it takes to get woman turn on. The innocent little pretend act will turn into some thing meaningful that you could enjoy. I wish you luck with this slugger , hammer , bang machine. You too start going to the Gym all commando, no panties no bra, just the colorful sweatie shorts and Tee. Wear somethink red or purple or navy blue but not gray that for sure.

Well I went to the gym again tonight. I decided that I would spice thing up a little by going braless (as usual) and to wear a little crop top. You all can imagine the possibilities wearing a crop top while lifting weights. hehe When I got there there were two other guys and one girl there that I knew. I was there for just a few minutes using the treadmill when I saw my favorite guy come in. As soon as he came in I hopped off the treadmill and went to the weights. Unfortunately as soon as I started the two other guys came over and started conversations. My guy did not join in although when he walked by he smiled and nodded at me. As far as what he wore it looked like he was wearing a different pair of shorts. They may have looked a little shorter than the ones he wore before but they were definitely a lighter material. Not wanting to be rude I couldn't shake the two other guys so I never had the opportunity to have one on one "training" I came for ;). I did get annoyed when because I had the attention of the two other men in the gym my guy decided to strut around the other girl there. Although he was across the room I could clearly see the outline of his penis as it swung around when he walked. I was actually jealous! Can you believe it? I hardly spoke more than a few words to him and didn't even know his name yet and i felt jealous! So I guess I'll try again tomorrow!

Anything to "help" out :)

Nothingatallreally - ahhh so you are now giving me inside information! I like it!

Just wait and see if he wears shorter shorts next time! That might be tip off. At least, that's what I would do.

Jips - Yes he is married so that does inhibit what I feel comfortable doing. I debated wearing outfits a little more revealing and maybe arrange for a nip slip or something to see his reaction. Maybe he would open up a little more so to speak -hehe. But I do not want to encourage it to go too far if he is married. i just don't feel comfortable with that. But I still want to "need" a little more help from him the next time we are there at the same time to see what happens. Last time I must admit i could feel the sexual excitement being so close to such a monster even though being in such a position was not sexual. He was after all just helping me lift some weights - haha. With the exception of having sex or possible at the doctors when else is it possible for a young women to have a monster penis hanging literally inches above her face? Even though it was covered let me tell you I could see details about his penis through the thin material that I'm sure only his wife thinks she knows about!

I appreciate all your points but slowly I think I am beginning to think he just has to know. It might be his intent to be comfortable but he is a shower not a grower and obviously shows A LOT more than a bump. Even if he just wants to be comfortable wouldn't he know that his penis is so much on display? When he helped me on the weights I would think that he had to realize his package was flopping around prominently just inches from my face. Plus just as women with large breasts have to wear sports bras when they work out I would think that for a man with an oversized penis it would not be comfortable without some support . I am lucky in that my breasts are small so for me it really is uncomfortable to have to wear a bra. I hate the straps and the feeling of being confined.

Oops my apologies, I didn't know I was putting it on display. I'll wear pants tomorrow. hehe

Sorry to say he wasn't there tonight. Had a great time there anyway getting in some exercise. I'll go back tomorrow.

If he knows then he must just be a great actor. Anyway I will check out the gym later. I rarely see him unless it is late evening. He is almost always there right before closing maybe because it is a lot less crowded. Like I said he likes when there are not many other males around. I really dont know what to expect but I will try out the bench press again ;)

Can't wait for the update!

So you think he does know? I would think that he would but maybe he is a great actor. Except for the fact that he does not seem to be around when other guys are in the gym I have not seen anything in the way he acts that he is aware that he is so prominently on display. I'll let you guys know what happens if I see him tonight.

Oh to be that guy! If I were I certainly would "help" you out every chance I got!