Not Quite "accidental" Nudity Leads To Beach Cat Fight

It was about 10 years ago, spring of 2001 or 2002 was extremely hot for a couple of weeks in April so I decided to head to the beach and see what the pretty girls looked like. I brought my blanket, some food and my brand new 35mm camera. Later I would enjoy the fact that I did bring my camera to the beach that day. I sprawled my blanket out next to some young 20 year old girls and proceeded to enjoy the beach. The 4 girls next to me were having fun. They were talking and laughing and just seemed to be checking out the guys. They were not stuck up, they just seemed like plain Janes. I proceeded to take off my pants and underneath were my speedo looking underwear. I actually wear my underwear to the beach and everyone seems to think my underwear are speedos. Thay are made of polyester and are everything a speedo is. But my underwear have a much lighter material, and it helps my member area breathe down there, so I don't sweat. They are not see through, not even when wet are they see through. Well as I take my pants off the girls are looking at me giggling. I just turn my body and lay down on my stomach on my blanket and enjoy my rest. My swimming trunks (underwear) hug my body and they allow a tiny bit of my but cheeks to show. Nothing much. As I lay there on my blanket for a few minutes I notice the girls are laughing about my little bit of but showing. This goes on for a few minutes and so I decide to pull up my enderwear and let more cheeks show. They continue to be concentrating on my but. I am 120 pounds, 35 years old and slim trim body. After a few more minutes I notice one of the hot young girls take out her camera and photograph me. I thought this is kinda wild, they're hormones seemed to have been aroused. So now I decide to show more of my but and the bikini clad girl gets up and gets closer and takes another picture of me as her friends all giggle. Seeing how I have these 4 hot young girls attention I decide to get very daring. I stay laying on my stomach but I adjust the bottom of my underwear so that a tiny bit of my member is slightly showing. This set them off like a fire cracker. They were just giggling and laughing like crazy. They were clearly hot and turned on. I was only showing a sliver of my member, barely noticeable, but they noticed. I just layed back down and did not look at them. Well as I hear the giggles grow louder I see the young girl with the camera get up and walk over to my balnket. she was standing right over me taking my picture. So as she was about to take another picture I was so hot and horny and hard I decided I was gonna just give her a picture worth taking so I casually pulled the top of my trunks, I mean underwear up so my hard **** was hanging out stiff as a board. I rolled slightly to the right and that made my d i c k stand straight up in the air so she could photograph it. She was going crazy as she took a few photos of my rock hard ****. Her girlfriends were just rolling with laghter and horny lust it seemed. She went back to her girlfriends and they were just excited as hell at what I had just done. I then felt I had gone far enough so its time to just lay down and be good now. Well about 4 minutes later I pick my head up to look at the young hot bikini clad girls, they were just making a lot of noise and laughter at this point. One of the girls walks over to her friend and grabs at her top. I could not believe I was seeing this. After they saw and photographed my hard ****, this really got their hormones raging. The one girls gets a real good hold of her friends bikini top and she pulls it right off busting the tie. I was hot and horny and pulsating at this point. I stayed layed down and just turned my head to watch this naked cat fight. The girl who lost her bikini top was covering her bare breasts with her hands. She then uses her arm to cover her breasts as she pulls at her friends bikini. She tore her top right off. Now these two girls are just rolling around on top of each other trying to get their bikini's back. It was playful, sexual and just downright horny play. At that moment I realize I have my 35mm camera with me. A few times as they are catfighting I notice they remove their hands from their breasts just to show me their perky young ****. I am going crazy and with my **** hard as hell as I watch this show they are putting on for me. I triggered this hormonal catfight. I then grab my 35mm camera with the zoom lens and take about 4 pictures of this horny catfight. One of the girls in their group is giggling and laughing like crazy as she sees I am taking pictures with my camera. She yells to her friends "hey he's got a big old camera with a zoom lense". When the two top naked hottys turn and see my camera that seemed to put the fizzle in their catfight. There were other people on the beach that day but noone seemed to care. We all just let our hormones rage. After the naked girls stopped their catfight, I turned around to the other side of me and saw this 30 year old woman getting her things together and seeming huffy and mad at what she too just witnessed. But when I looked down at my underwear I realised that through all my excitement of watching and photographing the catfight, I let my **** fall out and the 30 yearold woman who was leaving the beach had about a 10 minute view of my **** the whole time. I only was able to take 4 pictures. It was great. Only one of the pics show a whole exposed b o o b, But everytime I look at these pictures it just gets me so hot thinking about that hormone fueled day. It was a great experience. I may put the pictures up here, but I think out of respect for the girls, I will paint over their eyes a litlle, just to obscure their faces a little. Sexuality is just wonderful isn't it?
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I think I would have had a blast at that situation myself. Great story. I would love to see those photos