My Sister And Law And Her Sister Opps

This just happened this morning . I had the day off and my wife had gone out shopping whit friends, they were going to spend the day out and have lunch as well. So I was hanging out in my tee-shirt and a pair of boy-shorts round 10:00 i decided to take a shower. I had just started the water when the phone rang I look at caller idea it was my sister in law. I answered it hello what up I said. She said she was going to be in the area and what ed to know if she could  barrow the chain saw so and her husband could get rid of the old tree on the side of the house. Sure come by I be here by . Well I thought I have at least 20 to 25 minuets , as that how long it usual take to get to there house. So striped and step in to the shower I washed up in about 10 minuets and got out and walked out in to the bed room drying my hair. As i heard laughter. Stop drying my hair and look out in to the den their was my sister-in -law and her sister looking at me as the door to he bedroom was wide open. Oops I did expect you this fast and  covering up with the towel.  We were already   almost here when I called. And please don't cover up we like what we saw,both smiling. Really you what to see? They both said oh yes please. I drop the towel and walk to the garage door opened it up and got the chain saw and the gas can for it and said here it is and a extra oil mix and the bar oil. Ok and thank you again for the saw and a lot more. Her sister they add yes thank nice see you hope to see you again soon. By as opened the garage door to the out said good by. walk in to the house as the out side door closed . A couple hour later my sister in law called and said her sister said she was very embraced but really turned on and really want to see you again she return the favor!!
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I saw my sister in law showering at an outdoor shower. Her huge breasts and shaved bush mad eme *** all over myself! I hope I see her again. :)