Ma In Law

Some years ago my wife´s father was seriously ill in hospital and her mother stayed with us for some weeks to be nearer to the hospital.
Because I always sleep in the nude and am not worried about being seen nude my wife gave me strict instructions to be very
careful while her mother was in the house because she was VERY PRUDISH and would cause trouble if she saw me nude.
I was very accommodating and careful not to upset anyone. After a few days we were getting ready to retire for the night, when
Ma in Law said that she was feeling the cold.
I had already gone to our bedroom and was getting undressed when my wife opened the door and rushed in stating she was looking for a hot water bottle for her mother. I mentioned that they were in the cupboard down the passage and she rushed out
again leaving the bedroom door wide open.
By this time I had ******** completely and put my clothes on the chair under the window and turned to walk to the bedroom door to close it when Ma in Law saying Dont Bother my Dear walked into our bedroom.
She stopped right in front of me, looked down at my **** & balls, then looked up into my face, smiled, and then very deliberately looked down again. She then looked me right in the face, gave a huge grin and said Have a NICE NIGHT MY DEAR, and turned and walked out.
Being examined like that was a huge rush and I dont think she was the prude my wife made out.

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mywife was raised on spanking even in college by her mom so when we were dating it was one new years eve an in her fmailyroom an as the ball came down my wife wel lgf at that time wanted spanking from me as the ball drop after i was done she said your turn i was like what an she got my pants an panteis down to ankles an her mom walk down on us omg seeing me naked like that put hands in front of my **** an her mom just look move your hands son not i have nto seen it before so you were spanking the new year in to my gf yea her mom not only look over my privates like omg thought she was going to touch them but over stool for your spanking shock in disbelive over i went an got spank<br />
mind you from that tday till after one year of marrieage my mother in law seen me naked an spank

Yeah, methinks it was more about your wife than MIL. After that I would have made a point to give her a show whenever possible.

i dont know if you show off naked to your MIL but it is embrassing even after all he times mine saw me