My Embarrassing Dare

I remember when I was 12 or 13 years old me and my friends play truth or dare it went on for awhile the longer the game went on the more brave you get. I take dare to my dismay I was dared to run across the road of the complex. After I got up the garage I went for the it. Just as I got in the middle of the rode a car came in to the drive way. I duck behind a car and were not able to move .Just as I think it’s clear and run buck to the house a girl I had the hot’s for ask me what are you doing. At 13 I think I had a heart attack. I did not turn around got up run back to the house all my friends laugh at me I got dress and went home Every time I saw here I looked the other way up to date I never said a word to her
foxvos03 foxvos03
31-35, M
Feb 27, 2012