Water Parks

I guess i was about 25 years old and my then boyfriend eanted to go to hershey park. I really didnt want to go cause it being so crowed but i did cause he wanted to spend the day with me. Well me never being to one didnt know what to wear so i wore a pair of shorts with a white low buttoned up blouse with sneakers i dressed to my comfort zone. We got there and i was having a blast. I wanted to ride everything. It was at the end of july and i was burning up. My boyfriend said lets go on the water rides. I said good cause i was starting to sweat. We rode some and i pulled my hair up and put it in a pony tail. We went to get on this last water ride that i can not rememer the name of but people paid to shoot water at you and they stand on this bridge to get splashed when you come down the tunnel. Like i said i have never been there before and did not know what to expect. Well we got splashed and wet and we were almost at the end of the ride. We were going to the top of this ride and then were gonna be flying going down and i knew i was gonna get soaked! We were in the front set of the car log thing. We were on our way down and i covered my face ad i always do cause of the make- up. Man we flew going down and i felt my shirt getting tighter. We came down and i was pushing some strings of hair out of my face when i noticed people pointing and yelling " yeah " whistling and smilin. I waved backed and smiled. Thought it was what you were suppose to do. Some people took some pictures. When we were close to getting off, i was adjusting my shorts and happen to look down with an embarrasing smile. My breast was hanging all out. Nipples sticking straight out and wet and my shirt was stuck to my body. Oh my god, i could have died at that point. Needless to say, didnt know that they sold a video of the ride to people. My boyfriend was turned on by all of this. He knew what was going on and was laughing all the way out of that park with video in hand.
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mmmmmm nice.

That ride at the park is the canyon river ride and you do get soaked by people squirting water and from the falls! I have never seen any woman loose her top like that but from now on i will be looking better!

wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww................................great great story

I wish situations like this could happen easily for men and just be laughed at as well. I have seen women lose their suit tops in wave pools and at beach. I would love to be able to go somewhere with a body slide and somehhow have my shorts come off when I am on my way to the bottom.

I under stand happens a lot to me

Wish i had had my video camara running.

Oh my. I would have liked to be in the boyfriends shoes then.

Ha ha, you would!

I can imagine how embarrasing that was but it seems like you took it all in stride. ; )

I had to. But i quickly the the smack out of there! Lol

Oh My. - Interesting. The waving makes it look almost intentional so the viewers don't feel like they should look away.

I laugh now but after the fact i was in a hurry to leave... ;)

I understand

Great story. How many people have you and your boy friend shown that video to?

Everyone! Including my family members who all busted out laughing cause i was just smilin away. I laugh at it now. I cant believe that i waved back though with a smile at that with my breast hanging out. I am not small breasted either.

Well lets just say my nipples stayed hard for awhile. All the attention was flatering. Would i do it again. Oh yeah. That was an experiment!