Caught Giving Oral

I was probably about 17 one afternoon and was giving my BF oral in my room. I had my top and bra off and he was caressing my boobs as I sucked him. Mom got home before I expected and walked into my room just as he was ready to ***. My door had not been locked since she was gone, and Mom only ever came into my room if it was unlocked.
I saw her staring at us and then he started erupting in my mouth. All I could do was swallow as she watched me do it.
She left and we got dressed. As he was leaving, Mom asked if we had a good time.
Nothing more was ever said.
Mom was always open minded about sex and I could talk to her easily. This is the way I raised my Daughter Krissy.
RIP Mom....I miss you
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Good for your Mom, no reason to make a crisis out of something when there are so many other things you could have been doing.


Is Krissy on EP?

Smart mom.

wow love that story cant wait to hear and read more

Is ur daughter Krissy single ;)

Did you ever talk about his with your mom either then or after you were adult? Great Mom.

A life lesson as a parent in that story, thanks for sharing.


Wasn't that cheating on your sister? (Was her boyfriend still hr boyfriend or did they have a prior break up. Usually, I wouldn't consider having sex with your sisters boyfriend, to be justified by a desire to have the last laugh. Infact, just having the last laugh,(usuall non sexual) is over rated, and a waste of time, not to mention putting your relationship with your sister at risk for little gain. If he was no longer boyfriend, he's fair game.

Sorry, the response above was meant to go under a different story (Duh!!!).

wonderful story. anything more happen like that after this one?

I had something similar when I walked in on my sister and her boyfriend having sex on the sofa in my parent's lounge. She was naked and bent over the arm of the sofa with her bottom up in the air - I remember thinking how undignified that looked for her (ok, so I was wrong!). Her boyfriend was up behind her, standing and as I walked in he looked straight at me. He didn't seem to miss a stroke as he continued ******* her while I stood there, probably with my mouth wide open in surprise.

Some moments later little sis noticed I was there and started screaming for me to get out, which was more amusing than anything else, given her position. Afterwards she had a real go at me, as if it were my fault. But I had the last laugh as, at a party a few months later, I let her boyfriend **** me. I think it was a big turn on for him to have had both sisters.

What a great story :)


Wow talk about timing. My parents were not that cool. As a matter of fact sex was prohibited in the house.

Ha! What a girl friend, get busted by mom and you still swallowed, nice job!

I would still love it if you would add me! Love your stories!

Surreal, you mom was one of a kind. I've always said repression only makes it worse: it leads to ignorance and carelessness.

she knew that it was natural for you to give pleasure to your BF by sucking his ****...

You had a very supportive mom. Unfortunately my parents wern`'t like that. Consequently there were whole chapters of my life as a teen, that they never knew about. The "Me" that they saw was just a fraction of who I was, good or bad. I have a 10 year old daughter now. and i bend over backwards, to let her know that she can come to me with any problem, or question, and I will do my best to help her find an answer. That doesn't mean that she won't have a private life, just that it is OK to make mistakes, have questions, and OK for parents to know, if she wants that.

That Is so Sweet

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great story!!

Wow...boy you mom was cool.

That was a good catch on your part. Truly professional!
Loved the story

Mom is awesome!

Great mum you have. Enjoy the freedom and sex in open...

What a great mum she sounds awesome!!!

And did he say he had a great time? What a wonderful; mom you have to let you do that and not freak otu on you or stop you!

Amazing timing there. :-) Many people can say they got caught, not quite as many can say they caught at the very instant that they ***. I wonder if she saw that you were swallowing.

Anyway, great story!

That was really cool of your mom

Cool mom and the apple didn't fall very far from the tree!

i was never so lucky.... sounds like you had a really cool mom...... please consider adding me

What a mom!

Very hot... I can just feel that: erupting from shock and probably not really enjoying it... And you swallowing desperately :D

wow could have been quite a messy

Great story! Thanks!

wow that is a awesome true story !!!

Fantastic story and I agree a wonderful mom... really cool

Cool story cool mom

wow... very unexpected response... most mom's would have absolutely freaked...

That's awesome!! Most mothers would freak! I wish my mom was as cool about sex as ur mother! My mom still probably thinks I don't have sex and I'm 26! LOL by the way u are gorgeous!!! ;)

That was great. Thats the way i am to my doughter. Open and talk about everything.

Great way to be raised....have you watched your daughter doing anything...or has she watched you?

Wow, wonder if your bf started fantasizing about your mom after that reaction ;-)

Wow, very cool mom!!


haha how did your bf feel being around your mother? it must of been a little awkward

Hot! Hot! Hot! Add?

Some moms are cool, sounds like you had a good one

your mom caught you when you get ******* also?

Bet your mom wanted to join you

My dad once heard my then g/f now wife giving me oral. I was enjoying it a little too loudly! He didn't walk in and see anything, but at breakfast, he said "Sounds like someone was having a good time this morning!"<br />
<br />
Dad was cool, sometimes too cool!

Great story...glad your mom was so understanding. :)

me too

Hat's off to him. Had that been me and I got caught, my little man would have involuntarily shrank and removed itself from your mouth!

Well you can't get pregnant swallowing ***! LOL, but on a lighter note, was you mom as beautiful as You? Cuz if she was, it's no wonder why your bf erupted like he did! Was probably thinking Mother, daughter tag team!

Great story, thanks for sharing. I'm thinking back. If my mom caught me & my GF, I don't think I could have gone on. If my GF's mom caught us, immediate ***. Weird.

sounds like you had a great relationship with your mom.... thats awesome .. and it sounds as tho you have done the same with your daughter... please consider adding me

Sounds like a terrifying yet hot time.

hot story would love for a mom to walk in just as i was going to ***

Sounds like the best thing your Mom did was give you such a healthy attitude toward life and sex. Great that you have given your Mom the best gift by passing her wisdom on to the next generation. Well done.

wow that was hot thanks for sharing

You had a good Mother. I expect that you are one too.

I tried to me. Krissy turned out great so I must have been

Great story. Brings back some great memories from HS for me! Add me please :)

That would be hot getting caught at just the right moment.