Cought In Action!

I stoped at a gas station to change  there was one girl working. I diden't see any one else the rest room had 2 stalls not much roon so I got undress right as you walk in.  It was early in the moring and I was allways horny after a good run. I was my self in the mirror and just had too stroke it a few times, just then a young hot girl walks in!! I was cought in the act hard and stroking my 7 " **** she just stoped and took a good look then she started cleaning the rest room she said "excuse me" and acted like nothing happen I was so turned on I started stroking it she acted like she wasent looking I cam fast I was so excited! Afrer i got dressed I hung out for a few minutes in the store when she came out of the rest room she gave me a big smile. I asked her if she allways clean the rest room and the other hottie said " no" I do it some days. I can't wait!! 
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Careful, you might improve employee attendance there! Good story, Thanks

nice next time why dont you ask her to help you out