Intentional Made To Look Accidental

I've had a lot of fun with my wife over the years. I always enjoy having her dress sexy. Sometimes she goes sexy elegant, but I especially love it when she goes more on the slutty side. Now she's a hot 44 year old, slender about 110 pounds with perky, big "A" cup **** with nipples that are always hard and pointy. She had her nipples pierced a few years ago, and kept them that way ever since.

On this experience, we were out of town where I felt comfortable that there was no chance we would run into anyone we know. We were going to go to a busy downtown shopping area on a Saturday. I asked her to wear a mini dress with a wide scoop neck and nothing underneath. I asked her to be brave as she walked around shopping from one place to the next. I told her that if her dress slipped off her shoulder exposing one of her boobs to let it ride there for a while. Or if the wind blew up the hem of her dress to not reach to fix it.

We spent about two hours walking around that day and there were a lot of times that she "accidentally" either her ****, *** or shaved *****. I know I walked around with a hardon for most of the day. What great foreplay!!!

I have a lot of similar stories about us (her) that I plan on sharing soon. I hope you enjoyed this one.
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would love to read more

That's the sort of thing I use to be able to get my wife to do a lot she's not so keen these days but when she did or Hopefuly will again its the hottest thing ever