I'm A Perv But Can't Help It...

I occasionally will walk around stores or other public places just trying to see what I can see. I love the summer months when the clothes start to get skimpier...Cleavage, peaks up a skirt, braless women, see through clothes...these are all things you can find in a walmart if your looking hard enough. I have always had a voyeuristic mind. I work in residential repair and construction and occasionally get in a situation that drives me crazy. I was working on the outside of a house where a 30-something woman and her husband and kids lived. Her husband worked during the day, but she was around all the time. I saw her breasts three times on that job. I know she must have known I was looking at her, and she was very flirty to me. The first time it happened I was on a ladder climbing past a window and saw her sittting in front of the TV with her breast out. She was holding a breast pump half full of milk. I felt bad for seeing her so I fought the urge to keep staring and climbed back down the ladder. Afterward I got to thinking that there is no way she could have not seen me in her peripheral vision. I started to wonder if she had done it on purpose. That's why when I was working outside another window and happened to see her topless in the bedroom, I just stopped and enjoyed the view. The whole time i was frozen in amazement, I was also thinking of what I'd do if she looked at me and screamed, but she never did. After a few minutes it became clear she was doing it on purpose. She tried bra after bra on. Some twice. It became obvious she was looking for reasons to keep her shirt off. A few times she walked closer to the window but each time, she had some reason she couldn't see me...Once rubbing her eyes as if allergies were bothering her, the next she re-dried her nearly dry hair, the next she had her head turned acting like she was talking to one of the kids, who, other than the baby sleeping on the bed, were in the back yard. Eventually I decided I better get back to work, or one of the neighbor would call the police. I often fantasize about what the next experience like this might be. It's always an incredible turn on.
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I love those shows.