Hotel Towel Drop

I haven't had any experiences in a while, but had quick one while traveling. Knowing I probably wouldn't be in my hotel room when the maid was coming to clean, I had to create my own "accidental" situation. I called the desk to ask for extra towels. They said housekeeping will bring them right up. About 10 min later there's a knock at the door and through the peephole I see an older woman holding towels. I loosely wrap a towel around my waist and open the door. She asked if I called for extra towels. As we chatted a little, I start wiggling a bit to allow the towel to drop to the ground as I reach for the extra towels. Hands full, I can't bend down to pick it up, so I'm kind of stuck there. I put a look of shock on my face, but smile jokingly a little. She looks down at it, apologizes and leaves. Quick one, but still exciting.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2012

You can take it from me .....we dont get shocked when such a thing happens, because we expect guys to behave like that only