I Saw It All

thr is a lady wh stay at our house. I woke up early at around 4 nd sh was using the outside toilet cz e inhouse wasnt functioning. Sh ddnt bothr to close the door she nvr thought any1 cld wake up. I jus buzzed outside in a hurry nd she was facing my way nd cz of the light everythng was jus bare nd i saw it all, i cldnt turn back nd frm tht day she likes me a lot bt m avoiding her.
seanzellfarai seanzellfarai
26-30, M
4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Learn to spell.

hey so there is no one who can read shorthand in america. gosh jesus christ this 2012

No ****, this is 2012, communication and comprehension is optional.

You must be a very busy person, or your keyboard is really sticky from ******* off so much.

I can't read your writing. What's your native tongue?

i am very good at english ths is just shorthand

If you are good at english, then why make your readers work so hard? Does that type of language really save you so much time?

sorry ey