Senior Week

My friends and I headed to the beach for senior week when I was in high school. Most of them got rooms for the whole time while I just hopped from room to room that had space. At some point, we all went to the hotel pool to swim and hang out. There was a sauna and we all packed into it. I don't handle heat well and asked if I could have someone's key to use their bathroom to shower. One of the girls said she'd head back with me and I could use their shower.

We went to her (and her boyfriend's) room first so she could get in and then she gave me the key so I could get my stuff from my car and get back in. She said she would leave the bathroom door open while she showered if I needed to use the bathroom. I went to my car to get my stuff.

When I got back to the room, she was in the shower. We were all drinking a lot that afternoon and I needed to take leak pretty bad. I went in to use the bathroom and when I did she called out my name just to check if it was me. I answered and used the toilet while she was still in the shower. During that time, she finished her shower and got out in a towel. I don't remember if she saw my penis or not. I told her I was going to take a shower and she left the bathroom, but didn't shut the door.

I undressed and was about to hop in when I realized I left something in the room outside the bathroom. I walked out to find her standing in front of the mirror with the towel wrapped around her waist. I saw her small perky boobs and small pink nipples. She was very good looking and I was shocked for second or two. I apologized and grabbed what I needed quickly and headed back into the bathroom. She said it was no big deal and didn't try to cover up. We had been friends all through high school and this was the first and only time I saw her topless.

That was years ago and I remember it very clearly. Funny thing, I can't remember what it was I need from the room. The view is burned into my memory, but the remaining details are not.
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