Wedding Exposure

A few years back, a group of good friends was driving to another friend's out of town wedding. There were three ladies and two guys going over for the day for the late afternoon wedding that required a 2.5 hour drive each way. None of us wanted to be dressed up for the trip, so it was agreed we would all ride in something comfortable and change clothes before and after the wedding.
Upon our arrival, it was easy to find a place at the church for everyone to get changed as there were a lot of empty Sunday school rooms or whatever available. The wedding went fine and we were off to the reception, which was at a covered outdoor pavilion about 15 minutes away from the church.
We all went and partied for a few hours with the driver being careful not to imbibe too much so she could drive back. As the reception was winding down, we started thinking about getting changed and discovered there were only two restrooms, which were now pretty nasty after being used for several hours by a bunch of partiers. Rather than venture in there, the driver said she had a blanket in the trunk that could be held up against the back side of the restroom building so they could get changed. Everyone agreed this would be fine as it was starting to get dark too.
They asked us guys to stay close by to keep anyone from going around the back while they were getting changed, which kept us pretty close to where the changing was going to be. Linda decided she would change first while Rachel and Kim held the blanket up. Linda had been behind the blanket for a couple of minutes when Kim started trying to swat at a bug that was bothering her. The blanket was moving around quite a bit during this, but Linda was never exposed until the bug apparently went into dive bomb mode. Kim shrieked, dropped the blanket and went running off towards the parking lot.
When the blanket fell to the ground, there was Linda standing there with only a small pair of pink panties on. Before she had a chance to cover up, we got a great view of her well endowed chest and very large dark areolas and nipples. After a couple of seconds, I went over and picked up the other end of the blanket and turned my back to Linda to giver her privacy.
A few minutes later she emerged back in the shorts and halter top that she had worn for the trip over. We found Kim cowering in the car where she claimed a giant bee had chased her. Kim refused to come out of the car, so she and Rachel had to ride home in their wedding finery. As it had gotten a little darker by now, I stepped behind some trees and changed quickly, not knowing or caring if the ladies saw me or not.
For the first hour or so of the ride home, no one mentioned what had happened, but after we made a stop to get some snacks, it seemed Linda had gotten over the shock of it and we all started to joke about it. When we got back to where we had all met up for the trip, Linda did give me a little longer hug and thanked me for coming to her rescue with the blanket.
Unfortunately, I never did get to see Linda's **** exposed again, but I have seem them countless times in my mind. She is married now and lives in another part of the country and I have not seen her for several years.
Cfmn2010 Cfmn2010
51-55, M
Sep 20, 2012