Secluded Beach

Some years ago I was on a course in the army. We got a long weekend off and because it wasn't wort the effort to do the 1000km plus trip home a few us decided to go to a nearby coastal settlement and have some fun there. We went to a small secluded beach which was quite popular during peak season but was deserted when we got there way out of season. This suited us and we had some great fun. We were three guys and three girls.

The only problem was that the public ablution ( just one tiny building ) was locked and we didn't want to bother the people staying in the few houses so we made do. On the second day there just before we were about to leave I developed a huge pee and being modest I decided to go take my leak behind the ablution block away from other eyes.

As I rounded the corner I was already busy taking out my willy because the pressure was getting too much to hold back. What I didn't know was that one of the girls decided to get out of her bathing suit and picked the same spot to do that. There I stood with my willy in my hand while she was about four feet away from me buck naked.

I tried to apologize and explain but the need to pee was too great so I just said " I will apologize later, now I have to **** " and let go. She just giggled turned around and bent over to pick up her clothes to get dressed. The stream of pee started going higher and higher up against the wall. She noticed and with a giggle said "you better finish before you pee into the window"

She finished dressing and I had to tuck a few times to get a very unwilling willy back into my pants then we went back to the others. They were waiting for us already and asked where we were. I replied that I had to go for a pee and she said that she had to change out of her swim suit and got in the car. There were a few raised eyebrows and you could see the question on everyone's lips but no one said anything and we drove off.
RichardsDick RichardsDick
46-50, M
Sep 23, 2012