Mother In Law Surprise

My wife had been staying at her mothers house while i was offshore for work. I work 14/14 and i normally come in on Monday mornings at 7 am and make it to my mother in laws at about 8 am. I go there because she is usually still sleeping and she is scared to be at our house alone for 2 weeks.

Well this time I got stuck on the late flight and didn't make it to the heliport to late at night. I called my wife and told her I would get a hotel and drive their in the morning, since it was an 4 hour drive and i had been working all day. I started driving and decided I would stop when I got tired and get a room. I ended up not getting tired and drove all the way to my mother in laws. It was around 330 am when i finally got their. I went in quietly and went straight to the bath room to shower. The bathroom is on the same side of the house as the 3 spare(my wife's old room and her two younger siblings) rooms. The bathroom door knob is broken and it does not lock but nobody just barges in when we are their. I started showering and I heard the door open and peeped through the shower curtain and saw it was my wife had came in to pee. She had heard the shower and it woke her up. She thought it was her little sister showering before she went do her early morning gym session. She was shocked it was me and told me she was going law down come meet her.. and she winked. I was excited so I quickly finished showering. I fished and dried off and figured I would just run to her room naked it was 345 in the am and her room was less than 5 feet away. I opened the door and ran into her room and I closed the door quick and a little louder than i wanted. When I got in bed i realized I had for got my phone in the bathroom. I asked my wife if she would go get it since i was naked and she was like no i am tired, it is early everyone is sleeping just hurry. So i got up and opened the door looked around it was pitch black but didn't see anyone so i ran in turned on the light to find my phone. I found it and turned to go back in the room. There was my mother in law standing in the door way. She smiled and said you came home earlier than expected? I could feel my face turning red and getting hot.I took my phone and put it in front of my **** as much as i could. I smiled and said yea i decided to drive home tonight. She told me she heard a door slam and came to make sure everyone was alright. I told her it was just me and told her I was sorry I woke her. She smiled at me and said I am not... I like a surprise in the morning every now and then. She looked down at my phone (partly cover my ****) and asked me the time. I felt my face getting more red and said around 4 am by now. Still with her eyes locked on my phone, she said your phone does not have the exact time? I was really embarrassed by now and I told her if I move it to look I will be to embarrassed to face you anymore. She laughed and said you have nothing to be embarrassed about but it is alright I will check the time when I get in bed. She told me goodnight and she was sorry she embarrassing me she was only joking around. she turned to walk back to bed, I told her 405 am with a smile and a huge hard on. she turned around and said thank you and goodnight again.

I went back into the room and went bang my wife. It was great sex.
That encounter made me rock hard. To this day she has not said anything to me or my wife that i know of.
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Wow, she was asking you to show her your **** cool!

you should have banged her too

yea.. I think she got a kick out of it. She is a person that loves to joke around.