At The Off Season Beach

While in college, my wife then girlfriend went to a local lake to layout for an afternoon. She had a nice bikini at the time that was really sexy with a small,let top. We found a place to layout near a pathway to get a jump start on our summer tan, as the beach was not yet officially open. The place was nearly abandoned, but there were a few people in the park.

After laying out for a half hour or so, my girlfriend rolled over to lay out on her back. After about 15 minutes, a young couple walked by, just 4 or 5 feet away from where we were either laying. After a few more minutes, my girlfriend gave out a little gasp and she said why didn't you tell me? I said tell you what? She went on to say "my top". I looked and he top slid down and her one nipple was right at the line of her bikini top, when depending on angle, you could either see her entire nipple or not. In any event however, you could certainly see her areola above her top. You don't know how how much I enjoyed knowing that happened, but I would have really enjoyed being the other guy and having a chance to see her nipple like that. I am sure after he walked by he or his girlfriend said something like, did you see her nipples?

This was a great turn on. I wish there would more opportunities like that today to show her off
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Too bad you weren't aware enough to enjoy the view...