Small Town Ymca

When I was a member at our local Y, there were many accidental exposures with "no place to hide". The locker rooms were woefully small. The inside door was often propped open for air to exchange, making the middle locker area visible to someone in the hall. The back door to the pool had a partial privacy screen, but lockers near the end could be seen when door was fully opened. Most swimmers liked the end lockers, near back door (and showers). We weren't a big enough Y for "family" locker rooms, so Dads often brought their young daughters in for pool changing. Some were too old to be in men's locker room.
I was giggled at when a toddler saw my butt when they came out of toilet stall.
There was a 9 yr. old "regular" who would stare as she was escorted through by grandfather (when her mother couldn't bring her) full frontal exposure without concern for what I thought about it.
Another time, a boy's older sister (10-11) walked in to give him a towel at back door, and took time to "stop and stare".
Then there was the day a boy's mother was at the back door, but not inside. When he opened the door to ask for something, she stepped into doorway right when I was totally naked and ready to put on swimsuit. I know she got an eyeful because she turned around on pool deck to avoid crossing paths.
Then during summer camp, they lined them up outside. Sure enough, someone held door open so anyone in line could see full frontal manhood.
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Nov 28, 2012