What's Good For The Goose!!!

If you've read any of our antics, (my wife, plywithmenow), and my own, this will not come as a surprise. If not, you have some reading to do. 😛
Recently, my wife had a girls night out. Myself and a friend happened to wind up where the girls were. Even though she was pissed off when she found out that him and I were there watching from afar, it was an emotional roller coaster for me. Watching her out with her friends, and having fun was great. Seeing a few guys hover, flirt, and get a little touchy-feelie with her and her friend Tina, made my emotions spin out of control. It was hot watching her enjoy the attention she was getting, and even hotter watching since she didn't know I was there. (Sneaky, and a douchebag move, I know), but my buddy and I loved seeing the girls on their own.
Well, if you read my wife's story, "Paybacks a *****", she did her thing to get me back.----Now it was my turn---😜
After getting home from work, she left me a note saying her and Tina went Xmas shopping and would stop and bring something home for dinner. After getting out of the shower, I threw on my very baggy gym shorts...(the "hang around the house" shorts). Without underwear on, I have to be extremely careful how I sit. They're very baggy around the thigh area.....if you get my drift.😳
After what she did when my friends were over to "pay me back", I thought it was only fair that I had the same fun. The car pulled up, I was sitting on chair in the den, which is the first room when you come in the house, strumming my guitar. I was very careful when my wife came in. Tina was right behind her, and both were overloaded with bags from the store. I put the guitar down, and walked out and helped bringing everything they bought in the house. We got everything in, and I went back to the den, grabbed my guitar and sat just right. My wife was in the kitchen, getting glasses of wine for herself and Tina. Tina came in the den, sat down facing me. I asked, "so how much shopping g did you get done?" With that, I could see her eyes focus between my legs. They way I was sitting, when I looked down to play the guitar, I could my semi-hard ****, the shaft, head and all just totally out. I continued to play a song, and Tina got off her chair, sat on the floor directly in front of me. Her face was eye level, and about a foot and a half from the tip of my ****. She just sat there watching me play the guitar, and I felt my **** get harder, longer, and I almost blew my load right on her forehead. She just sat looking right at my **** as I strummed away. As I played, I shifted a little here and there really jamming out until I felt my balls come out of my shorts. Now my **** was pretty stiff. I knew my shorts let both balls and my **** slip out. I'm serious, I knew I was dripping from the ****, and she just sat admiring what God blessed me with. DAMN THAT WAS CRAZY!!!
My wife walked in with both glasses of wine, handed one to Tina, and didn't notice at first. After giver Tina her wine, she sat on the couch across from me. As soon as she sat down, she saw my goods about 6 inches from Tina's lips. Still pretending not to notice, I finished the song, put the guitar down, and fixed myself and walked away. (Actually, I took another shower and jerked off). 😛
Plywithme4now Plywithme4now
46-50, M
Nov 29, 2012