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When I was 14, I put on a show I had no idea I was giving!

My little brother was turning 12 and had a bunch of friends over for his birthday party. After it was dark, they all went outside to play lazer tag and I decided on a quick shower. I did it fast and went straight back to my room.

Now, my room was on the second floor, with the window facing out the back side of the house, at an angle you couldn't see into from the ground. Needless to say, my curtains got left open now and then. I took my time drying off, setting out the outfit i wanted the next day, looking in the mirror on the back of my door.... and in the reflection, I could see blinking red lights. It was from lazer tag guns!

My brother and one of his friends had climed onto the roof to be sneaky and shoot everyone but instead got about a ten minute show of me walking around naked! I ran to the window, closed the curtains, and didn't come out until morning.

When I saw my brother again the next day, he thanked me for the "present" I got him. I punched him in the stomach so hard, he cried.
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Lol. Really lucky boys!

I bet; your brother's friend was very pleased as well... :)

great story, you shouldn't have been so hard on him, his only human, lol

I loved your story. I'll definately be looking at the others you posted.

Cute story. Thanks for sharing.

Brothers! Remember, a stiff **** has no conscious. He'll remember that forever. Oooo-rah!

speaking of presents, my birthday is coming up!

I wonder how many other times your brother climbed up on the roof hoping for another show?

i have never thought about that until now! little perv probably tried all the time now that i think about it!

I sure as hell would have...

hahaha funny ending

the gift that keeps on giving.

Lucky brother.

Nice story.

Ha ha! Your brother deserved to get punched. If he'd any smarts, he would have kept his mouth shut and simply enjoyed the memory. At least that's what I would have done ;)

What a lovely thing u did for ur brother and his friend, even though u didn't know u were giving them a show. How did it make u feel, has the thought of what happened ever turned u on?

its not that i don't like being watched. its just that i want to know when im being watched so i can be sexy!

That's great, ur my type of girl. I mean, I like naughty girls, girls who enjoy being sexy like that.

The funny part is how many of his freinds went home and jaked thinking of you lmao

evil sister :)


Thank You, that was the funniest thing I have heard all day! I followed a new friend here, and I am glad I did! (Giggle Fit!) Kim

That's a funny story. Would you still have hit him had he kept his mouth shut?

Probably not! Lol!

Then I guess there is a lesson to be learned. It does not pay to be a wise ***. : )

Thanks Aiyana, you are the one I followed here! Giggle! Kim

Good response to your borther

damn that so funny

Great story.

the punch to his gut tas just too funny lol. I forget that too all the time at night that when u cant see out everyone else sees in

Funny story I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing

Yea those boys will never forget their 10 minutes of pure joy

Wow! Did is friend every say anything to you?

I didn' see him again for a long time after. He just kinda gave me one of those awkward smiles, blushed, and that was it.

Love it - very sexy

Wish i had been one of his friends with a lazer.