Because It's A Precious Memory

That was what led me to many first experiences of my life, first kiss, first boyfriend, first date, first sex and first exhibitionist feeling as well though it was accidental.

I was slightly less than 17 then and it was a fairly hot afternoon. I went to bathroom for a shower. Undressed myself and threw my clothes on floor as I was used to, Mom often scolded me for that but it just increased the pleasure of doing so. I didn't notice that floor wasn't mere damp as usual, it was unusually wet (Glad I didn't) It was only after throwing the last garment when I came to know that shower isn't working due to a leakage. Floor was also thoroughly wet due to that and no article of clothing was left wearable by the time I picked them up back to look if I can put anything on. I wrapped the towel around my waist, held it with one hand and opened the bathroom door hesitantly with other hand. I intended to rush towards my room, hoping no one would see me. My brothers were in TV lounge watching soccer and there was no chance of their seeing me on my way. Dad wasn't at home and so was Mom, I feared my elder sister might see me but we have been so friendly that thought of being seen by her didn't embarrass me as much as thought of being seen by anyone else.

But the person whom I encountered en route my hurry was so unexpected that it left me frozen with shock for a while. He was a friend of my brothers who just left the TV lounge to depart. I knew him but didn't know he is also there watching soccer with them. My grip on towel loosened and it slid down on my ankles, making me totally nude in front of him. After recovering from initial moments of shock I ran towards my room not caring for towel but stumbled because towel and fell down. He also seemed in shock for a moment as his eyes investigated my body but when I fell, he stepped forward and lent me a hand to stand up. Then he bowed, picked up the towel and wrapped it around my waist again with a smile. His rough fingers touched my bare bottom during this and I felt electric waves running throughout my body but his touch, though strongly felt, lasted for less than a second. Like a lightening, thought struck me that he is going to feel my crotch but his hand moved away, I felt relived, clasped the corner of towel quickly and ran off towards my room with a stupid smile on my face that I still can't decide why appeared.

I couldn't get him off my mind for that whole night, his rough touch felt so alive and the thought that he might had touched my crotch made me thrilled every time I dared to imagine if it really happened. He later became my boyfriend and that's a whole story at its ow place. While people have wonderful stories for their first encounters with their boyfriends/girlfriends, mine is really a clumsy one and that's what makes me smile whenever I think of it. 
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

A nice innocent memory with a little erotic thrill. Could have been very embarrassing but you made something positive out of it. Good girl.

You had fun! That's the way it should be. Thanks