Well It Was A Treat For Him!

when I was a kid I used to stay over at my best friends house every week, she had an older brother who i fancied the pants off, and when I was 14 (and he was 17) I accidently flashed him
It was the morning and I had just had a shower. Now this was a house without a lock on the bathroom door, so you can imagine what is about to happen - there was a knobk on the door, and I shouted 'yes' as in to say 'yes there is someone in here' which he took to mean 'yes you can come in' and he opened the door
i was totally starkers in the middle of the room and happened at that point to be drying my bush - i froze, his eyes widened, and he left.
before I went home a couple of hours later, he found me to tell me that he was sorry he had barged in, and he would never do it again. If I was older I would have told him I didnt mind, and he could barge in whenever he liked, but I was 14, and shy, so i didnt
it did make it easier when we started dating 5 years later though ;o)
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Nice story!

very nice!