One Time Babysitting

A few years ago when i was 16 I had to watch my neighbors house more than actually babysit anybody. The owners were going on vacation and they asked my family to just drop by every so often. It was about the third day they were gone and my parents asked me to drop by for them because they were doing errands. So i walk on over and open the house with a key and walk on it to see if everything is fine. I walk the first floor and see everything is fine and im starting to leave when i heard a squeal. I spin around and see their 19 year old daughter completely naked with only a towel on her head at the top of the stairs. My family was under the impression that their daughter was staying at a friends house for the time they were away, but apparently she came back to shower. Anyway she turned around and and quickly scampered away and me being my 16 year old self starting thinking with my **** and chased after her. I got to her before she could get into her room and i grabbed her arm and turned her around to stare at her body. Her perky 34D titts and shaven ***** made me so hard that it was obvious through my jeans. So obvious that she asked, "so what do you want me to do". She took me into her room, took my **** out and starting sucking on it. It didnt take me long because of my sexual immaturity to *** all over her but god it was such a good blow job. She said thats all you get because i was 16 and she had a boyfriend, but she said come back in a few years and maybe youll get more. *SPOILER ive been talking with her again and she said that my "few years are up and she wanted me to drop by unexpected again ;)" (verbatim) so there may be a story in the near future*
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nice story