Nude On The Balcony

When my wife and I won a free vacation trip to British Columbia a couple of years ago, we got to go on a motor coach tour of the region and several train rides as well.

We started off by flying into Seattle, but the airline was about to go on strike, and as a result, there was a work slowdown. Things took forever before we could take off on our flight. As a result, we got into Seattle late, and crashed as soon as we got our room.

The next morning we got up, ate in the resturant and borded a bus to some sunken gardens. They were alright, but I could feel a migrane headache coming on from the extremely long day the day before. As we borded the ferry to Victoria, I fell asleep on the bench inside.

We docked in Victoria, and drove around the city, and then were let off at the hotel. I marched right in, threw open the door, ******** naked and fell face first onto the bed. I heard the door swing shut behind me and I was out like a light. I must have been snoring, cause my throat was raw when I woke up 90 minutes later.

On the dresser was a note from my wife saying she was going walking around like a tourist and would join me for dinner if I was well enough. The windows were wide open with a walk out balcony overlooking the bay. I took a hot shower, and after drying off, I strolled over to the balcony and stepped partially out.

The next room had a balcony that adjorned ours, with thick red curtains like ours. As I stood there looking over the bay from side to side, I heard a voice quite near. I leaned out slightly and looked left.

There, standing looking out at the view and unaware of me, was another nude young man, in his late 20s or 30s, stark naked, with a hand on either side of the curtains. He was saying something low to someone who was also in his room behind him. He talking about how sunny and warm it was, and how inviting the sea looked.

I just stood there, half hidden from view by my own thick curtains, but soaking in the sun. I leaned back slightly, as two naked thin arms snaked out from behind him and enfolded him in a hug. A murmur of a female voice that I couldn't make out, and he agreed with something that she said. Then he turned to his left and pivoted around, and her arms were drapped up around his neck. I could see his bare buns still sticking out of the curtains for a few moments, and then they disappeared inside.

I never saw them again, and I am quite certain that they had not seen me, although they might have heard me snoring or showering. If I woke them or disturbed them, I was a little sorry, but then I never would have had the thrill of seeing his perfectly muscled nude form standing like I was next door. Maybe they were making love, maybe they had fallen asleep doing it, but it was the middle of the afternoon when this happened.

I quickly dressed, and walked out of the hotel, headed for the meeting place with my wife. We had a nice meal together with the host of the tour, and after checking that I was feeling better, we split a bottle of wine. By the time we got back to the room, my wife was a little tipsy and I wasn't feeling any pain.

I let us in, and found the maid had turned down the bed and closed up the windows, drawing the drapes. I undressed her, kissing her neck, her boobs, her belly, and laid her onto the bed.
I ******** and laid on top of her, rubbing her arms, shoulders, breasts and legs. She was wet between her legs, so I mounted her and we screwed passionately. After she came the first time, we slowed down, and I told her about the couple next door. Dreamily, she asked a few questions about what I saw and what they did, and then we started ******* again. I don't recall if she came again, but I know I did.

The next morning, as we left to catch the motor coach and continue the tour, I slipped a note under the neighbor's door, telling them how much I had enjoyed seeing them nude on the balcony and when. And I also told them how it had inspired my wife and I to have a second passionate ******* session. And I thanked them, and wished them well. I never learned if they got the note or not. I'd like to think that they did.
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