Am I An Exhibitioniste?

During the week I stay with my best friend Marguerite at her family home in the south of Perpginan, that way I have little distance to go to school. If I came every day from home I would be spending up to two hours travelling each day. My parents made the arrangements with Marguerite's parents, and I sleep in her sister's bed, next to hers.

We get ready for school just before her father is due to leave for work. It is a way to set the time, he leaves exactly at the same time each day. He has a habit of just walking into her room when we are dressing. We both get kisses of farewell, whatever state of undress we are in.

There have been times I time my return to the bedroom so that he comes in as I am removing the towel from my fresh-washed body, and I am naked in front of him. I am a coquette!
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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He is totally uninhibitted,or a perverted voyeur.

Its the thrill of something you should not be doing that is exciting and thrilling. Also at the end of the day, if you like to tease and he dosnt moan then crack on :P

add me, your stories are so hot :)

How exciting a story thanks for sharing it...:)

you are an exhibitionist... wish you would come and stay at my house.

I envy her father! If you are ever visiting the US and need a place to stay, you are always welcome! My daughter is a bit older than you, but close enough.


love your adventerous spirit and erotic personality,,,,awesome lady


<p>Sounds like you want him to catch you with the towel off, bet i would.

Lucky father she has, getting to see a sexy girl everyday

mmmm, love to walk into your room as you are removing your towel. what a lovely sight seeing your beautiful breasts and gorgeous young *****. xxx

Thank you!

hi, love you to add me so we can chatm . xxx

Good for you! I am sure that helps keep the juices flowing for both of you. Now, to dress for class with a proper short skirt, nothing underneath, and no bra...

Haha, so naughty of you ;)
It is good that you enjoy your body and you don't care that others see you fully nude.

awesome tease for the old guy, your a great girl, could you plz add me to friends????

thats how you do it. nice and slow like

You are a naughty Minx and he goes to work with a hard-on for you.

I bet it's a thrill. It probably gives you tingles the rest of the day,

You are a very naughty and sexy girl! LOL