Caught Out

I had called a plumber to fix some problems that we had at home, he said that he wopuld be at my home in about an hour, and as I was going out to lunch with my girlfriend I started to get ready.
I quickly logged on to my laptop and emailed my friend that I migght be a little late as I was waiting for the plumber.
,He iis the plumber that I usually call and I quite like him, I know that he fancies me so I always make a little extra effort if I know that he is going to call - I do like to tease so I don't wear a bra and usually wear a tight fitting t-shirt or a see-thru top with just a little skirt or lose fitting French knickers, he can't take his eyes off my nipples and I love the attention. After about 30 minutes there was a knock on the door and there was the plumber and his young mate, I let them in and told them that I was getting ready to go out and showed them to the leaky hot water system that was in the laundry.
I left them to it and continued to get ready, I heard nothing from them during that time but when I came back to the living room they were both seated at my laptop.
I wondered what they could be interesting them so much. They did not hear me approach and when I looked over their shoulders I was horrified. My husband had put together a new screen saver totally comprised of nude photos of me, and some of these left nothing to the imagination. I let out a lttle gasp and they both looked round, we finished a while ago they said but found something to kep us interested. I felt very embarassed and sat down, I was wearing a soft material wrap dress, the material is so clingy it shows every lump and bump so I never wear a bra or knickers with this dress. I do always like to dress up for lunch, and, of course for the plumber, so this seemed appropriate. As I sat down the my wrap dress opened wide and both of them could see in real life just what they had been looking at on my laptop. Don't worry the plumber said, we have already seen it all on your laptop, I have always wanted to see you like this, you usually tease so much with your hard nipples, and now me and my young mate here get to see it all..
As I said I have always had a thing for our plumber and his youing mate was gorgeous and I felt a little thrilled by what they had seen on my laptop and for real and I could feel that I was getting very moist.
Here is the dress that I was wearing

He moved toward me and put his hand on my thigh, I did nothing to stop him, he slowly moved has hand up my thigh until he could feel how wet I was and slipped a finger into me, he held my hands and stood up, pulling me up with him, he moved behind me and slipped his hands under the top of my dress and squeezed my hard nipples. My young mate here has never sen a real woman naked, he said, he only knows girls, and with that he undid the tie that held my wrap dress closed, and the dress fell completely open, his young mate was staring at me open mouthed, my nipples, which were still being squeezed by the plumber, were like bluest, and as I had shaven he could see every detail of my *****. I beckoned him forward and pushed his head down and toward me so that he could eat me. I was so wet his lips slid all over me, he started nibbling on my **** and I was in heaven. I lay on the floor with my legs spread wide open as he sucked, licked and fingered me, I LOVE being eaten. The next thing I knew was a giant hard **** rubbing against my lips, it was, of course, my plumber, I opened my mouth an took his enormous **** into my mouth, I was ******* and ******* with pleasure. OK mate he said to the boy your urn up here, he took his **** out of my mouth and moved between my legs, I looked down and wondered if I could take it all, but I was so wet it was no problem at all, I felt filled up by him. Meanwhile his young mate had ******** completely and was ************ as he watched, I smiled at him and opened my mouth, he slipped his lovely hard **** into my mouth but came almost immediately, I had a mouth full of warm, young, salty ***. I don't always like to swallow but it seemed the only thing to do this time, so I swallowed the lot and licked my lips, all the time my plumber was pounding his giant **** inside of me, it felt like it was reaching up to my naval. Having swallowed it all I started to lick the young **** again, cleaning up the bits of *** that had not made it to my mouth. This time he was much better and was moving so much better. Suddenly my plumber called out and made a powerful thrust, I thought that he might split me open, an I felt his *** filing me, I love feeling *** filling me up. Luckily I have had my tubes tied so I never have to worry about protection, bareback for me every time, with every man. He lay there between my legs for a while and I could feel him still throbbing inside of me. Then he said to his young mate who had taken his **** out of my mouth as I concentrated on ******* as the plumber shot his load, Your turn for sloppy seconds! The boy moved between my legs and slid his **** into me, it felt so tiny and thin, nothing like the plumber. But it was his first time with a 'real woman' so I moved in rhythm with. I looked up and there was the plumber again with his phone taking photos of me being ****** by his young mate, this turned me on even further and I moved my hands down so that I could hold my ***** open as wide as possible, whilst also rubbing my ****, this set the young mate off and he came his lot again. We all lay there for a while. I said I better clean up a little as I am going out for lunch, that was a real surprise said the plumber, a very enjoyable surprise. I moved close to his ear and said you can call around here and put that inside me anytime you want, and take photos of that giant thing filing me up!! Unfortunately a return visit never eventuated as my poor plumber was involved in a fatal car accident that night, still I am sure that he died happy after our tryst that day, but I would have loved to have that **** fill me up again......and again!!
Here are some of the photos that were on my screen saver that got this experience going

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Wow! loved your experience. I love women who enjoy sex with other men as well as their husbands. Thanks for sharing the experience and especially the pix. rocky.

Awesome story and awesome photos. Love the outfits and how comfy you are in your own skin. Thanks for sharing.

Such a sexy story!! add me please.

I never thought of plumbing as exciting.

Sexy story and very sexy pics!

I can see how those pictures would get them riled up. We could always reenact his visit.

Swweett ***** babe ! mmmmmmmmmmmmm i would of loved to part of the 3some !

Great story and love the pictures please friend mo I would love to see more!

Although not a plumber, I do odd ball job for people when not doing my regular job and have been teased a couple times. Believe me, you can tease me any day! Thanks

damn GF you have all the right stuff to make me happy..cant get enough of your wet tiny love hole

loved the story and enjoyed the pictures i can see why they were all turned on i am know you should see how hard i am now, please add i love your story thanks

wow you are one very hot milf

I love your story and photo's. I wish I was your plumber!

But then you'd be dead... ;)

I am definitely in the wrong line of work! ;-)

You look amazing in that un-wrap dress, beuatiful body, sweet *******, so sorry about your plumber..

Love that style of dress! And you obviously know it makes sense to wear nothing under it!
Afterall, nobody likes to see panty lines! lol

You are not more sorry than me!!!!
Come back soon to see my screen saver photos

I cant wait to see them! LOL