My Girl At Water Park

i was at a local water park with my wife.. there was a slide that was pretty big that made people go fast.. you just lay on your back.. i went first and my wife came down after i had already hit the water..she was wearng a pink bikini that strapped around her neck and her back. when she came free of the water i saw some pink hanging out of that top.. her tan lines were showing extremely at that point on both breast.. but only her left areola was slightly showing.. i did not tell her anything and took her to the next attraction.. in this one you use a rope and shimmy across the way with the water below you.. they gave logs and **** as stepping stones to help you.. i went across and when my wife was coming across i seen her hands about her head and she took the rope without the things to help you walk on.. as she struggles to get across to me.. i began to see more and more pink exposed... this time from both areolas.. she made it to my side and i told her that she did good.. there was a waterfall on myside and i was sitting on the rocks underneath it.. i was behind the waterfall and my wife goes up to stand under it.. she is facing the opposite direction of me and is leaning under it to let the water hit her back.. she tells me how good it feels and then stands up. she walks forward and becomes completly under neath it.. she puts her head back and lets the water hit her face.. she starts to brush her long dirty blond curly hair back as her pink bikini slips down in the this time i only saw her back and i only realized she was exposing more and more when she told me to come join her.. i go to the other side as she stayed under the waterfall, unaware that her bikini was sliding down and almost half her nipple was showing.. right when i get across and look back at her i see that the water has just made her bikini slide below her nipples but it still squeezed them.. when it was her turn to cross.. she started to shimmy back and this made her bikini slide all the way under her big white boobs... now i see her with her hands above her head.on a rope as her untanned boobs jiggled with her bright big areolas glistening in the sun.. there were so many guys just looking at the innocent busty girl move hand after hand across the rope with her double ds shaking back and forth... her breast have never looked better to me.. i was hard.. and everyone else sure was..
eazye eazye
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Would be an awsome sight to see! I love true public exposure!

Very Hot!