Changing Room Show

Some years ago I played in a football match where I was substituted at half timedue to an injury. I realised as the rest of the team went back out for the second half that while the door was open a group of girls standing outside could see straight in. Once I was alone before I ******** naked for my shower I ensured the changing room door was open a few inches sufficient for them to see in. I then took an age to prepare for my shower making sure I was on show at all times. After my shower I repeated the show with the advantage of holding the towel up over my face while drying my hair yet ensuring I could see ahead as they stood at the door watching. At this point I began to get an erection so decided it best to get dressed! Great exhibitionist experience I've never forgotten.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

to true had one very similair to yours