Sister In Law Saw Me Naked

I had a swim and my wife, sister in law and mother in law were sitting in the garden drinking tea. I walked into the kitchen, just out of sight of them all and took off my swim shorts to dry off. As I was doing this I heard my sil say she was going. Sensing she would walk in any moment I purposely dropped my towel to the floor and acted as if I didn't know she was coming. Sure enough she turned the corner into the kitchen as I was standing on my towel naked in front of her. She stopped in her tracks, and I pretended to be similarly surprised. For a second or two she stood looking at my penis which had responded as it sensed her coming. "Oh sorry" she said, and put down her tea cup on the kitchen worktop beside me.
She turned and left as I apologised, without making any attempt to cover myself. I have to say, I had planned this happening for weeks without the opportunity arising to carry it out until today.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013