Water Park

We'd spent the day at the water park and it was time to leave. as I entered the changing room I saw the cleaners cart at the door and was pleased to find a female cleaner at the sinks. it had a large communal type changing area with only a few small private cubicles. I took off my swim shorts in the communal area right in front of the entrance way to the sink and shower area. Standing there naked i pretended to be getting my towel and clothes from my bag and awaited the cleaner to appear. After a brief while she came to her cart which was only fifteen feet from where i was standing. I pretended I hadn't seen her but from the corner of my eye I saw her similarly standing at her cart looking for a new cloth while looking over where I'd ensured my stiffening penis was on full show. She then went back to the sink area to continue her cleaning and i took the opportunity to walk past her to the shower and although she had her back to me as i passed she was standing in front of the mirror so got a full view as i'd intended. i had a very quick shower as i wanted her to still be there when I came back and sure enough she was this time looking straight at me. We exchanged smiles and just as i passed her some more guys entered the room and ended the experience - but one i'll never forget!
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

that's awesome. i've done similar in hotel rooms. i must write about it sometime. i tried once at closing time at the local pool but the girl attendant kept walking by the locker room showers and never came in. eventually the male attendant popped his head in and told me to hurry as it was locking up time. damn!

Great story