Best Day At The Gym (true Story)

When I was 19 we had a gym at the Hilton hotel in the town I lived in that was open to the public. It was a good size gym and one could work up a descent sweat.
One day I went to work out and the women's locker room was out of order.  This was prevalent only by a small sign easily missed that read "Sorry for the inconvenience while we fix the situation the men's locker will be used for women only"  It was posted on the front desk among other posts and easily missed.  I chose to miss it .

No one was monitoring the entrance and I easily slipped into the mens (Women's) locker room unnoticed. Quickly locked up my stuff and exited.  

My heart was racing.  I was committed.  I worked out hard and fast. My mind raced at the opportunity that had presented itself.  My imagination was running wild.  My only problem was how to optimize this chance I was given.  

Looking around I noticed there was an aerobics class going on - Things couldn't get better.  It ended in fifteen minutes.  I just needed to get in the locker in ten.

I watched the clock - the minutes passed - and again I entered unnoticed.  I quickly ******** off my clothes and locked them up - leaving my towel in my locker, After all it "Was the men's locker room"  I ducked into a shower turned on the water and waited.

It wasn't long before I heard someone enter.  I held my breath, how should I get caught?  I started to hear more women enter, voices laughter.  movement.  As much as I wanted to get caught, the added bonus was, they didn't know I was in their and they were getting undress.  I had to act quickly otherwise I couldn't pull it off.
Fortune favored the bold that day, Just as I reached to open the shower curtain, it occurred to me.. with all the noise they were making, there was no way I couldn't have heard them.  If I just popped out, I would have been exposed as more than just an "accident"  
So I left the curtain ajar, the water running and got my eyeful for what it was worth.
There were only so many showers and it was only a matter of time before someone was bold enough to inquire why one shower curtain was closed and the water running for all that time.  

A woman reached for the curtain and pulled it open exclaiming "Hello?"  I backed against the stall with both real and faux fear on my face.  

"Oh my god!  There's a naked man in here!"  I'm not sure why, but several woman in various stages of undress and nudity had to see for themselves.  I stammered out a fake apology and stood frozen like deer caught in the head lights mumbling out some thing about it being the Men's locker room and why are there women in it.  The naked women scrambled the woman who opened the curtain closed it, then peaked her head in and asked if I was okay.  I knew then that I would be.  She proceeded to tell me the women's locker room was closed etc etc , all the while holding the shower curtain closed around her shoulder as if offering me privacy, but she never pulled her head back.  
I casually dropped my hands letting her see my penis - not erect but engorged and proudly hanging... When she was done talking she just smiled.  there was a brief silence.  She saw I was getting comfortable and then pulled the curtain open a little more.  There was still a small group of ladies behind her and now the gym attendant, also a woman.  She was hold a rathe small towel - the kind used to wipe sweat while working out.

She smiled and simply said "I was elected to help you"  She  handed me the towel and asked me where my clothes were.  Obviously they were in the farthest locker away and I had to walk through the entire locker room with a towel that only covered my front.  The attendant explained that the women were prepared and she was right they were all covered as they watched me walk through.  I heard mostly giggles and a few snide comments, but mostly approvals.  I again tried to apologize, but the attendant would't have it she said they took full responsibility and asked if I would come to the desk after I got dressed.  I meekly said sure and thought I would just dress and duck out.  
I stood with my small towel in front of my crotch my bare *** in the wind for a moment before I realized she wasn't going anywhere.  I shrugged and feigned awkwardness while opening my lock and locker to get a real towel.  She watched me struggle to maintain some form of modesty while getting dressed.  As soon I was fully dressed and putting on my shoes she exited and asked again that I stop at the desk.

Knowing they would be waiting.  I sucked it up and hoped for the best.

When I got to the desk, the manger (A woman) and two coworkers (Both women, one being my "Savior")  Asked again if I was okay.  The manager was extremely apologetic about the placement of the sign and asked if there was anything hey could do for me.  One of the women handed me a bottled water while the manager handed me gym pass.  She explained that the sign should have been clearly posted and because of the "Embarrassment"  She  "On behalf of the Hilton" would like to give me a six month pass to use the gym anytime at my leisure. 
I sheepishly took the pass. The manager thanked me for understanding .  I turned to make my exit and I heard the women laughing amongst themselves. Just as I walked out the gym door I hear the one woman call out - "Very nice"  I smiled and thought "No way, anyone is ever gonna believe this"  But it's all true.

(This photo is me - but not from that day - I'm just adding it because ...)


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with a body like that, I bet they were enjoying you naked very much and you didn't have anything to be embarased of. Except getting caught that this all only your scenario to exhibit ;-)