She Won't Be Wearing A Tube Top Again Any Time Soon

Today I went to the cemetery, to put flowers on my grandfather's grave. The way back home goes along a canal that at some point has a lock... you know, those elevators for ships. The last time I watched one of those things in action was when I was a kid, so I decided to watch it do it's thing.

A lot of bicyclists also decided to stop and watch. There is always a group of them, if the weather is nice. And it was nice. I noticed a man explaining the whole procedure to two young ladies, probably his daughters. I came a little closer to listen in on the explanations, as they seemed to make sense. With him was also a dog on a leash, that barked as I came too close.

Thanks to the nice weather all females were dressed in nicely light clothes -- those two girls included. One wore a tube top and no bra, which was easy to see with her bare back in plain sight. Bored, as one ship was just leaving the lock, she turned towards the dog to play with it -- and you can already guess what happened next... When nothing spectacular was going on, unwillingly she started something spectacular on her own. And being just as bored, I also watched the cute dog going wild playing with her, which put me in the position to witness the whole thing.

At some point the dog stood up on it's hind legs, pushing it's forelegs against her chest for support, inches above the tube top. While licking her face, it's paws slowly slid down her chest. When they reached the tube top, they slowly pushed it down along with them. After about one inch, she noticed her top sliding down and tried to readjust it, as girls often do, since those things never stay up. She realized, that she wasn't able to pull it up with the dog's claws holding on to it and pulling it down. Another inch later, still unable to see anything due to the dog's licking, she started to panic and caused what she struggled to prevent. To push the dog away with both hands, she let go of the top. Pushing it away however caused the dog to lose it's support and balance. Quickly the dog tried to catch it's fall with it's forelegs, jerkily ripping down her tube top, leaving the young girl topless in the middle of a group of strangers. Her scream, attracting even more attention, didn't really help the situation. She quickly adjusted her tube top and left the embarrassing scene with her family.

I guess, she won't be wearing a tube top again any time soon.
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There's a saying that goes -YOU LIVE AND LEARN!