Saw My Aunt Naked When I Was a Young Boy

This incident happen when I was a 11 years old, I had been to my aunts place on summer vacation. She was not married then, must be around 27. She was having her bath in the bathroom situated at the corner of the house, separated by a common open area. I was reading a book sitting in the open area, when I heard her scream, infact a bumble bees had entered the bathroom that scared the hell out of her, she open the door and came running out, naked, half soap applied, with a towel in her hand. She was in full view in front of me and I for the first time in my life watched a complete naked woman. I was stunned. Could not speak for a whie. She looked as she was carved out of stone. After she regained her senses, she covered herself with the towel and asked me to shoo away the bumble bee from the bathroom.    

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my aunty used to walk around nude in the morning before she went to work.<br />
<br />
It was quite normal for her to get up at around 6am each morning and would normally do some house work and eat breakfast while nude. Then she would prepare my school lunch and walk me to the door and send me on my way.<br />
<br />
When I would return home she was always clothed in the evening and wore a pyjamas to bed. <br />
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I discovered one day that she would get up and remove her PJ's and socks in the barthroom and then proceed to walk downstairs fully nude.<br />
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I never asked her why she used to do this but I guess she would spend 2 or 3 hours each day nude before dressing. <br />
<br />
She would also do this at weekends but would usually not dress until she needed to go out (shopping etc) <br />
<br />
On many occassions she would actually spend the whole day nude

Yup, you are right folks, i still have those pictures clearly em<x>bedded in my mind of her nude being, those breast, brown nipples and lots of pubic hair....her skin shinning in the afternoon sun...all wet.........all over....cannot forget!

That is the beauty of discovery in childhood!

That was similar to the first time I saw a real live naked woman. She was my teenage cousin (about 18 or 19) and I had been spending the day at my Aunt's home. We all went swimming at the river and was home changing after getting back. I went into the bathroom to change. The girl's bedroom was right next to the bathroom and she was in there changing. She obviously didnt know I was in the bathroom and didnt close her door (it was in a secluded area of the house). Anyway, I came out and there she was standing there fully naked drying her hair....I saw her full frontal. Her sister was also in the room, saw me and slammed the door shut. Even after all these years (I was about 10 or 11 at the time I think), I still cant look at her without remembering that it was she who gave me my first real view of womanhood.

Nope I did not ever. looked like she acted as if nothing ever happened, but yes, she would give me a very shy smile whenever I met her alone. she must have been quite amused that a little guy had seen her without clothes and how he must have felt....